World Health Day 2021: History, Significance and Theme

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New Delhi: Each twelvemonth since 1950, April 7 is celebrated arsenic World Health Day. The time is commemorated to rise consciousness and enactment against antithetic wellness related problems. Each twelvemonth a taxable is decided connected which the World Health Day volition absorption on, ranging from intelligence health, maternal wellness issues to clime alteration and its interaction connected the wellness of people.

This year’s taxable for World Health Day is “Building a fairer, healthier satellite for everyone”. 

Know much astir the history, taxable and value of this day.

History of World Health Day

The determination to observe April 7 arsenic the World Health Day was taken astatine the First Health Assembly successful 1948 and aft 2 years, since 1950, World Health Day came into effect.

Significance of World Health Day

World Health Day tries to shed airy connected important yet neglected wellness issues that are ailing the world. Mental health, maternal and kid attraction health, and clime alteration and its effect connected wellness are immoderate of the themes that the World Health Day has tried to rise consciousness and enactment around.

Theme of World Health Day

This year's taxable for World Health Day is “Building a fairer, healthier satellite for everyone”. According to the World Health Organisation’s authoritative website, “The satellite is inactive an unequal one. The places wherever we live, enactment and play whitethorn marque it harder for immoderate to scope their afloat wellness potential, portion others thrive.  Health inequities are not lone unjust and unfair, but they besides endanger the advances made to date, and person the imaginable to widen alternatively than constrictive equity gaps.”

It further claims that COVID-19 has exacerbated healthcare inequality. “COVID-19 has deed each countries hard, but its interaction has been harshest connected those communities which were already vulnerable, who are much exposed to the disease, little apt to person entree to prime wellness attraction services and much apt to acquisition adverse consequences arsenic a effect of measures implemented to incorporate the pandemic.”

So this World Health Day focuses connected gathering equitable Healthcare entree for each radical crossed class, ethnicity, socio-polical beliefs and geography.

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