World Health Day 2021: COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the need for a resilient health system, says Poonam Muttreja

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New Delhi: The COVID-19 pandemic has posed 1 of the biggest wellness and humanitarian crises the satellite has ever witnessed. It has exacerbated existing challenges for the system and to nationalist health, peculiarly for susceptible sections of society. 

Most importantly, the pandemic underscored the value of strengthening wellness systems and of providing a unsocial accidental to reimagine India’s healthcare; making it much equitable and inclusive. Improving nationalist wellness infrastructure is captious to ensuring prime wellness attraction for all. 

The disruption of indispensable services owed to the precocious load of COVID-19 cases demonstrated the request to physique wellness systems that person the capableness to not lone cater to the burgeoning request for wellness services successful India but besides withstand crises. 

Shifting authorities precedence to absorption connected wellness absorption and illness prevention is critical. But truthful is ensuring greater equity successful accessing wellness attraction and strengthening x resilience of frontline healthcare workers.

Community enactment and accountability is/are cardinal to ensuring that allocations scope those who request it the most. Gaps successful entree to wellness services for women person affected their prime of beingness for decades. These gaps are attributable to socioeconomic factors determining the presumption of women successful society, which person been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Twenty-six cardinal couples successful India were impacted by constricted entree to contraceptives during the pandemic. Public wellness centers (PHCs) successful galore parts of our state inactive necessitate important resources and upgradation to conscionable Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) for PHCs (as per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare).

Civil nine and philanthropic organizations request to measurement up, arsenic they ever have, to enactment communities, and the astir marginalized sections of our society. Finally, it is imperative to guarantee that exigency measures adopted successful the look of the pandemic are inclusive of each sections of nine to guarantee nary 1 is near behind.

The Lancet Citizen’s Commission was launched past twelvemonth to reimagine India’s wellness strategy and catalyze efforts to pave the mode towards cosmopolitan wellness sum (UHC). This Commission is an unprecedented effort to spot the voices of citizens, including those seeking healthcare and those providing it, astatine the centre of its efforts.

Commenting connected World Health Day 2021, Poonam Muttreja, Executive Director of Population Foundation of India, said, “The absorption connected nationalist wellness today, brought connected by the Covid-19 pandemic, indispensable beryllium leveraged to amended entree to prime wellness care, an indispensable work for all. Universal wellness sum is captious and indispensable scope the astir vulnerable. This pandemic has underlined the request for a resilient wellness strategy – not arsenic an option, but a necessity – to supply comprehensive, accountable, inclusive, and affordable prime wellness attraction to all.”

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