Will fight a war, defend ourselves to the very last day if China attacks, says Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu

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Taipei: Taiwan's overseas curate has said the land volition support itself "to the precise past day" if attacked by China.

Joseph Wu said connected Wednesday China's attempts astatine conciliation portion engaging successful subject intimidation are sending "mixed signals" to the island's residents.

China claims Taiwan arsenic its ain territory to beryllium won implicit peacefully oregon by force.

Wu noted China flew 10 warplanes into Taiwan's aerial defence recognition portion connected Monday and deployed an craft bearer radical for exercises adjacent Taiwan.

"We are consenting to support ourselves, that's without immoderate question," Wu told reporters.

"We capable combat a warfare if we request to combat a war, and if we request to support ourselves to the precise past day, past we volition support ourselves to the precise past day."

China does not recognise Taiwan's democratically elected government, and person Xi Jinping has said "unification" betwixt the sides cannot beryllium enactment disconnected indefinitely.

"On the 1 manus they privation to charm the Taiwanese radical by sending their condolences, but astatine the aforesaid clip they are besides sending their subject craft and subject vessels person to Taiwan aimed astatine intimidating Taiwan's people," Wu said astatine a ministry briefing.

"The Chinese are sending precise mixed signals to the Taiwanese radical and I would qualify that arsenic self-defeating," Wu said.

The immense improvements successful China's subject capabilities and its expanding enactment astir Taiwan person raised concerns successful the US, which is legally bound to guarantee Taiwan is susceptible of defending itself and to respect each threats to the island's information arsenic matters of "grave concern."

Speaking successful Washington, State Department spokesperson Ned Price reaffirmed the US committedness to Taiwan.

"The United States maintains the capableness to defy immoderate edifice to unit oregon immoderate different forms of coercion that would jeopardize the information oregon the societal oregon economical strategy of the radical connected Taiwan," Price said Wednesday.

The naval drills being conducted successful waters disconnected Taiwan were meant to assistance China "safeguard nationalist sovereignty, information and improvement interests," the service said Monday, utilizing connection often interpreted arsenic being directed astatine Taiwan's enactment that has refused to springiness successful to Beijing's demands that it admit the land arsenic portion of Chinese territory.

Taiwan and China divided amid civilian warfare successful 1949, and astir Taiwanese favour maintaining the existent authorities of de facto independency portion engaging successful robust economical exchanges with the mainland.

China has created conditions for greater economical integration, portion besides targeting immoderate communities specified arsenic pineapple farmers successful hopes of weakening their enactment for the island's government.

Chinese diplomatic unit has been increasing also, reducing the fig of Taiwan's ceremonial diplomatic allies to conscionable 15 and shutting its representatives retired of the World Health Assembly and different large planetary forums.

Taiwan has responded by boosting its high-tech industries and unofficial overseas relations, peculiarly with its cardinal partners the US, Japan and others, and by gathering up its ain defence industries, including a submarine improvement program, portion buying upgraded warplanes, missiles and different subject hardware from the US.

Meanwhile, the US Navy says the bearer Theodore Roosevelt and its onslaught radical reentered the South China Sea connected Saturday to "conduct regular operations." It is the 2nd clip the onslaught radical has entered the waterway this twelvemonth arsenic portion of its 2021 deployment to the US 7th Fleet country of operations. 

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