What is an e-pass, how can it help you during night lockdown in Delhi

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New Delhi: Amid an unprecedented surge successful the COVID-19 infections successful the nationalist capital, the authorities imposed a seven-hour nighttime curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 americium connected Tuesday (April 6) with contiguous effect. 

What is an e-pass?

During the seven-hour model lone indispensable services volition beryllium allowed. If immoderate idiosyncratic needs to question during this clip successful Delhi, they volition necessitate an e-pass, which is simply a support gaffe issued by the authorities from its authoritative website. 

Citizens tin either transportation a hard oregon brushed transcript of e-pass, which tin beryllium shown to the authorities astatine checkpoints during nighttime curfew.

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Who needs an e-pass for question during nighttime curfew successful Delhi?

As per the authorities governments orders, the vaccination centres successful the nationalist superior volition beryllium unfastened 24 hours. Individuals traveling to get their vaccination jab during the curfew timings volition necessitate a documentation proof. 

People travelling for indispensable services volition beryllium exempted from the restrictions but carrying an e-pass for travelling betwixt 10 pm-5 americium is mandatory.

Similarly, Journalists and media radical volition beryllium required to transportation an e-pass with them if they are moving during nighttime curfew hours.

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The bid came connected the aforesaid time erstwhile Delhi reported 3,548 caller COVID-19 cases, pushing the full tally to 6,79,962, arsenic per the Delhi government’s wellness bulletin.

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