US President Joe Biden ‘heartbroken’ over deadly attack at Capitol, slain cop hailed as ‘martyr’

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WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden has said that helium and First Lady Jill Biden were “heartbroken” astir the onslaught astatine the US Capitol connected Friday that near 1 constabulary serviceman dormant and different wounded.

"Jill and I were heartbroken to larn of the convulsive onslaught astatine a information checkpoint connected the US Capitol grounds, which killed Officer William Evans of the US Capitol Police, and near a chap serviceman warring for his life," President Biden said successful a statement.

"We nonstop our heartfelt condolences to Officer Evans' family, and everyone grieving his loss."   

Biden said that helium knows what a hard clip it's been for the Capitol and each who enactment determination and support it. Friday's incidental came astir 3 months aft the January 6 insurrection that killed a Capitol constabulary serviceman and 4 different people.

Biden released the connection from the Camp David President retreat, wherever helium is spending the weekend.

He expressed gratitude to the Capitol Police and the National Guard troops for responding rapidly to the attack.

President Joe Biden besides ordered that US Flags astatine the White House beryllium lowered to half-staff until April 6 successful honour of a US Capitol Police serviceman who was killed successful the attack.

Slain US serviceman hailed arsenic a ‘martyr’

The Capitol Police officer, who was killed successful the attack, was identified arsenic an 18-year seasoned of the force.

William Billy Evans joined the section successful 2003 and was a subordinate of its archetypal responders unit. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hailed Evans arsenic a ‘martyr for our democracy’, portion Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said helium was ‘heartbroken.’

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