US Capitol locked down after Car rams barricade injuring 2 officers; driver shot

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Washington: A car rammed into 2 Capitol Police officers astatine a barricade extracurricular the US Capitol connected Friday afternoon, and the operator got retired of the conveyance portion appearing to brandish a weapon earlier being changeable by authorities, 2 instrumentality enforcement officials told The Associated Press.

Both Capitol Police officers and the operator were taken to the hospital, with astatine slightest 1 serviceman successful superior condition, the officials said. The operator was successful captious condition, they said.

The clang and shooting happened astatine a information checkpoint adjacent the Capitol arsenic Congress is connected recess. It comes arsenic the Washington portion remains connected borderline astir 3 months aft a mob of equipped insurrectionists stormed the Capitol as Congress was voting to certify Joe Biden's statesmanlike win.

Capitol Police said that idiosyncratic rammed a conveyance into 2 of its officers. The instrumentality enforcement officials told the AP that the operator past got retired of the car with what appeared to beryllium a knife. It's unclear which subordinate of instrumentality enforcement changeable the suspect.

The officials said the fishy was being taken to the infirmary successful captious condition. One of the officers who was injured was taken by constabulary car to the hospital; the different was being transported by exigency aesculapian crews, the officials said. The officials could not sermon the substance publically and spoke to the AP connected information of anonymity.

The US Capitol complex was placed connected lockdown aft the shooting and unit were told they could not participate oregon exit buildings. Video showed National Guard troops mobilizing adjacent the country of the crash.

The incidental occurred astir 100 yards (91 meters) from the entranceway of the gathering connected the Senate broadside of the Capitol. Fencing that prevented vehicular postulation adjacent that country was precocious removed arsenic the Capitol has started to unfastened up aft the January 6 riots.

The information checkpoint is typically utilized by senators and unit connected weekdays. Congress is presently connected recess.

Video posted online showed a acheronian coloured sedan crashed against a conveyance obstruction and a constabulary K9 inspecting the vehicle. Law enforcement and paramedics could beryllium seen caring for astatine slightest 1 unidentified individual.

President Joe Biden had conscionable departed the White House for Camp David erstwhile the incidental occurred. As customary, helium was traveling with a subordinate of the National Security Council Staff who was expected to little him connected the incident. 

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