US Capitol car attack ‘does not appear to be linked to terrorism’, say officials

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Washington: Law enforcement officials said that “terrorism is not suspected successful a deadly confrontation extracurricular the US Capitol that began erstwhile a antheral rammed his car into 2 officers extracurricular the Capitol and past emerged wielding a knife.”

Officials declined to connection a motive, but Robert Contee, the acting main of the Metropolitan Police Department, said determination was nary ongoing menace to the country and that the incidental did not look to beryllium linked to terrorism.

Both Capitol Police officers were hospitalised and Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman told reporters Friday day that 1 of the officers ‘succumbed to his injuries.’

Slain US serviceman hailed arsenic a martyr

The Capitol Police officer, who was killed successful the attack, was identified arsenic an 18-year seasoned of the force. William Billy Evans joined the section successful 2003 and was a subordinate of its archetypal responders unit. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hailed Evans arsenic a ‘martyr for our democracy’, portion Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said helium was ‘heartbroken.’ 

Flags astatine half-staff aft Capitol serviceman killed

President Joe Biden has ordered that US Flags astatine the White House beryllium lowered to half-staff until April 6 successful honour of a US Capitol Police serviceman who was killed successful the attack. Biden says helium and archetypal woman Jill Biden are heartbroken implicit the decease of Officer William Evans.

Biden says helium knows what a hard clip it's been for the Capitol and each who enactment determination and support it. Friday's incidental came astir 3 months aft the January 6 insurrection that killed a Capitol constabulary serviceman and 4 different people.

Biden released the connection from the Camp David Presidential retreat, wherever helium is spending the weekend. He expressed gratitude to the Capitol Police and the National Guard troops for responding rapidly to the attack.

The decease is the latest infinitesimal of sorrow for a section aft the nonaccomplishment of Brian Sicknick, who clashed with rioters during the January 6 insurrection and died a time later, and Howard Liebengood, who committed termination weeks aft that.

Video shows the operator of the crashed car emerging with a weapon successful his manus and starting to tally astatine the brace of officers, Capitol Police acting Chief Yogananda Pittman told reporters. 

Authorities changeable the suspect, identified by instrumentality enforcement officials arsenic 25-year-old Noah Green.

Investigators were digging into his inheritance and examining whether helium had immoderate past of intelligence wellness problems arsenic they tried to discern a motive. They were moving to get warrants to entree his online accounts. 

The clang and shooting happened astatine a information checkpoint adjacent the Capitol typically utilized by senators and unit connected weekdays, though astir are distant from the gathering during the existent recess. 

The onslaught occurred astir 100 yards (91 meters) from the entranceway of the gathering connected the Senate broadside of the Capitol. One witness, the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, said helium was finishing a Good Friday work adjacent erstwhile helium abruptly heard 3 shots ringing out.

It comes arsenic the Washington portion remains connected borderline astir 3 months aft a mob of equipped insurrectionists loyal to erstwhile President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol arsenic Congress was voting to certify Joe Biden's statesmanlike win.

Five radical died successful the January 6 riot, including Capitol Police serviceman Brian Sicknick, who was among a severely outnumbered unit trying to combat disconnected insurrectionists seeking to overturn the election. 

Authorities installed a gangly perimeter obstruction astir the Capitol and for months restricted postulation on the roads closest to the building, but they had begun pulling backmost immoderate of the exigency measures successful caller weeks. Fencing that prevented vehicular postulation adjacent that country was precocious removed.

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