UP Panchayat elections 2021: 81-year-old Rani Devi from Kanpur to contest upcoming polls

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Kanpur: An 81-year-old pistillate volition beryllium contesting the upcoming panchayat elections from Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur territory to guarantee amended facilities and improvement of her village.

Rani Devi of Rudrapur Bail colony successful Chaubepur artifact of the district, said: "I decided to contention the panchayat to guarantee improvement of my village. At this age, neither I person greed for immoderate post, nor I americium present to astatine the behest of immoderate governmental party. I person decided connected my ain to contention the canvass for wide improvement of my village."

She has filed her information papers for Block Development Council (BDC) member.

Rani Devi said: "My colony does not person adjacent basal facilities similar a roadworthy network, due drains and drinking h2o supply. Garbage continues to heap up, mosquitoes breed successful stagnant h2o and overflowing drains are a communal show owed to deficiency of arrangements for due sanitation."

She said that astir leaders "promise the moon" earlier the elections, but ne'er travel backmost aft winning.

"If elected, I volition besides effort to bash a spot for the radical of my property group."

Abhijeet, her grandson, who is helping her successful the campaign, said: "We made respective representations to people`s representatives and authorities authorities, asking them to make our colony and lick problems by providing basal civic amenities but thing happened."

The elections for gram, kshetra and zila panchayats volition beryllium held successful the territory successful the archetypal signifier connected April 15.

The counting of votes volition instrumentality spot connected May 2.

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