Uber Driver With Newly-Shaved Head 'Loses Job' As Facial Recognition Fails; Firm Differs

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​When Srikanth, an Uber operator based successful Hyderabad, offered his hairsbreadth to the presiding deity astatine the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, helium sought divine involution to bring much happiness and prosperity into his life, but his sacrifice pushed him into an unpredicted individuality crisis.

While trying to log into Uber’s interior portal for its web of drivers, Srikanth could not re-register himself arsenic the bundle failed to recognise his caller look with the tonsured head. He tried his luck astatine slightest 4 times, clicking selfies from antithetic angles, but yet recovered himself banned by the facial designation bundle for ‘multiple logging attempts’

Since then, Srikanth has been without a occupation for implicit a month. He says contempt lodging a ailment with Uber and furnishing capable documents with a ‘before and aft pictures’, determination hasn’t been immoderate effect from the institution yet.

“I visited the Uber bureau aggregate times, but they are refusing to reinstate maine arsenic a operator without giving maine a valid reason. I person been moving from pillar to station since for the past 1 period and determination has been nary solution yet. I americium struggling to marque my ends meet. My full household is babelike connected me”, said Srikanth, who joined Uber successful 2019, and holds a 4.67 prima standing for completing astir 1,428 trips till date.

Srikanth’s communicative went viral connected societal media aft it was brought to airy by Shaik Salauddin, wide caput of Indian Federation of App-based transport workers.

Srikanth, who has been driving with @Uber_India for implicit 1.5 years present and holds a 4.67 prima standing for the 1428 trips helium completed, has been blocked by Uber. Srikanth shaved his caput during a caller travel to Tirupati, and erstwhile helium returned, 1/3 pic.twitter.com/QwNnBwscPy— Shaik Salauddin (@ShaikTgfwda) March 31, 2021

Calling retired Uber for turning a deaf receptor to Srikanth’s incessant pleas, Salauddin said galore taxi drivers successful the caller past person been struggling for their livelihood arsenic determination is nary designated grievance compartment to admit their problems successful the archetypal place, fto unsocial solving them.

“App-based workers successful wide carnivore the consequences of galore specified technological failures which adversely interaction their regular earnings. There is an acute request to make systems which penalises level businesses for their technological failures and marque them liable to compensate workers for their losses and forgone earnings,” Salauddin said successful a property connection released connected behalf of Telangana 4 wheeler driver’s association.

Uber India responded to the issue, saying – “the operator successful question had visited an Uber Partner Seva Kendra erstwhile helium was incapable to log successful and it was communicated to him that his entree to the app had been removed owed to repeated violations of our assemblage guidelines, which acceptable the highest imaginable information standards connected our platform.”

The institution said its facial designation instrumentality was susceptible of detecting earthy changes successful a person’s quality specified arsenic agelong oregon cropped hair. “In lawsuit drivers look a occupation logging successful owed to immoderate method contented with the selfie verification process, they person the enactment to sojourn the nearest Uber Partner Seva Kendra for a manual reappraisal of their profile,” it said.

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