These people to be affected in Delhi amid night curfew

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New Delhi: Amid a abrupt surge successful the COVID-19 cases successful Delhi, the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP authorities imposed a seven-hour nighttime curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 americium connected Tuesday (April 6) with contiguous effect. 

Following the orders, the DMRC besides announced that introduction successful Metro during the nighttime curfew, from 10 p.m. to 5 am, volition beryllium allowed lone to those passengers who autumn successful the indispensable category. This announcement by the DMRC is going to impact galore moving people individuals who question to and fro Delhi-NCR everyday.

Individuals who request to question during the nighttime curfew orders volition request to transportation an e-pass with them.

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Who is exempted during nighttime curfew successful Delhi and tin question without e-pass?

Pregnant women and patients seeking attraction are exempted for question during nighttime clip successful the nationalist capital.

Medical professionals similar backstage doctors, nurses and paramedics are exempted from carrying an e-pass but volition beryllium required to amusement their individuality proofs for travelling successful the metropolis during nighttime curfew.

Individuals who are going to the airdrome and railway presumption volition beryllium needed to amusement valid tickets for travelling astatine nighttime successful Delhi.

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Who is exempted but needs e-pass for question during nighttime curfew successful Delhi?

Individuals traveling to get their vaccination jab during the curfew timings volition necessitate a documentation proof.

People travelling for indispensable services volition beryllium exempted from the restrictions but carrying an e-pass for travelling betwixt 10 pm-5 americium is mandatory.

Similarly, Journalists and media radical volition beryllium required to transportation an e-pass with them if they are moving during nighttime curfew hours.

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