The way COVID cases are increasing, there will be shortage of facilities soon: Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray

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Mumbai: Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray connected Friday (April 2) warned that if the fig of COVID-19 cases kept expanding the mode they person successful the past fewer days and weeks, the authorities mightiness tally retired of facilities to woody with the virus.

The CM emphasized however the authorities has ramped up the healthcare infrastructure and investigating facilities and has stayed up successful the combat against coronavirus truthful far. But contempt each of the preparations, determination whitethorn beryllium a shortage of facilities successful the coming days.

“If the fig of patients proceed to turn this way, past determination volition beryllium a shortage of facilities successful the coming days,” said Thackeray.

“We volition summation the facilities but wherever volition we find capable fig of doctors and nurses?” helium added.

Admitting that the concern successful Maharashtra is worrying, helium said that his authorities is not keeping thing from the public.

“We are not hiding anything. Today the concern successful Maharashtra whitethorn beryllium looking worrying but we are not hiding anything,” said the CM.

“I would not speech astir different states. I lone accidental that I person the work of the radical of Maharashtra,” helium added.

Thackeray listed the respective measures the authorities has taken to tackle the virus, including the vaccination drive.

“When pandemic started, we had lone 2 labs for testing. Now determination are 500 facilities. We person a capableness of investigating 1.82 lakh radical and soon we volition execute 2.50 lakh investigating capacity. 70% of our tests are done utilizing RT-PCR. We person besides accrued the fig of beds. At contiguous we person 3.85 lakh beds,” said Thackeray.

“Maharashtra has go the fig 1 authorities successful vaccination. Three lakh vaccinations are happening each day. So acold 65 lakh radical person been vaccinated successful the state,” helium added.

He said that the Centre should see sending much vaccine doses to conscionable the request successful the state.

About whether the authorities volition acquisition a lockdown, the CM said that it has not been decided yet.

He did mention examples of different countries that person been forced to enforce partial oregon implicit lockdown.

“Look what happened abroad. The concern successful France is critical, determination is simply a 3rd lockdown. There is enactment from location successful Hungary. The aforesaid happening happened successful Denmark. There is lockdown successful Ireland, choky restrictions successful Kenya and truthful on,” Thackeray said.

He said that the determination connected lockdown whitethorn beryllium taken tomorrow.

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