Tamil Nadu assembly elections: `We are most-needed during polls, but forgotten later,` says lookalikes of actors, politicians

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Chennai: In Tamil Nadu’s personality-cult dominated governmental landscape, representation is everything and sometimes adjacent imitations are accepted. For respective decades, governmental parties person been hiring lookalike artists of actors and politicians during the run season. Dressed up similar the stalwarts of the state’s governmental arena these artists sing and dance, present dialogues, imitate mannerisms, each for garnering votes. 

With their make-up kits and tailored-to-perfection costumes, it conscionable takes a fewer minutes for these artists to alteration from their existent to reel selves. As this is the archetypal Assembly predetermination successful Tamil Nadu sans gangly leaders Jayalalithaa and M Karunanidhi, the artists representing these leaders are the astir successful demand. 

“Lookalikes bash person an interaction connected voters' minds. This time, since the stalwarts are not with us, the lookalikes person a bigger relation to play. It rekindles the memories of the aged times among the elder voters,” said Jitu, a Madurai resident

Working mostly successful the evenings, these artists question crossed the authorities and run for assorted parties, with immoderate members adjacent susceptible of donning aggregate roles. However, the changing quality of authorities itself and the integer campaigns, targeted advertizing has importantly impacted their profession. 

Cine Star Abinaya, a city-based troupe has astir 20 artists, who tin enactment arsenic MGR, Jayalalithaa, Karunanidhi, Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Vijayakanth, Sathyaraj, Ajith, Vijay and galore different personalities. There are adjacent abstracted persons to correspond the MGR successful his trademark sunglass, white-cap Chief Minister avatar and besides the funky-colored costume wearing cine-star MGR. 

During highest predetermination season, an creator upto Rs.2000 per performance, but they accidental that enactment has go scarce these days, erstwhile compared to a decennary ago. “Post predetermination campaigns immoderate of america thrust autos, immoderate enactment arsenic shopkeepers, but determination are besides a fewer of america who are afloat clip artists,” said Saraa, who runs Cine Star Abinaya. 

He adds that galore cannot prolong this assemblage aft a definite age, arsenic they person to spell execute until precocious successful the evenings and often person their meals good aft midnight, frankincense affecting health. 

Eswaran who plays Rajinikanth and MK Stalin is simply a full-time performer with nary different root of income. “During non-campaign play I execute astatine temple festivals, I tin besides sing, truthful that’s an added advantage,” helium said. 

When asked astir their regular and fittingness regimen, the artists accidental that they person to support fare power and locomotion a fewer minutes each time to support their physique and guarantee that they proceed to lucifer their starry avatars.

Speaking of their livelihoods and families, the artists accidental that they are capable to marque ends conscionable during predetermination season, but that isn’t truthful aft predetermination enactment dries up. Their lament is that politicians and parties request them the astir during poll-time, but neglect them thereafter. 

“When we deterioration those costumes and sing and creation connected stage, portion seeking votes, our woes disappear, but past the reel beingness ends and yet we person to woody with existent life,” said Saraa. 

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