Shreyas Talpade on his OTT platform for theatre and performing arts

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New Delhi: Actor Shreyas Talpade connected Friday launched his OTT level Nine Rasa, dedicated to performances related to the stage.

"There is going to beryllium a batch of contented wholly dedicated to theatre and the performing arts. All the contented that happens oregon tin hap connected signifier volition diagnostic connected our OTT, Nine Rasa. That includes full-length plays, one-act plays, skits, stand-ups, chats, stories, poetry, music, creation and more," helium told IANS.

"It volition diagnostic each Indian languages. To statesman with, we person contented successful Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati isolated from English. Going guardant we volition besides beryllium adding different Indian languages similar Bengali, Malayalam, Rajasthani, Haryanvi to our kitty," helium added.

On the sanction of the app, Shreyas explained: "The sanction Nine Rasa is derived from Nav Ras, which means 9 emotions. Our lives revolve astir these emotions. We thought wherefore not person a sanction that is synonymous with those emotions. Also, we wanted a sanction that is Indian astatine bosom but has a planetary appeal," explained the actor.

What inspired him to make his ain OTT platform? "The thought started with the volition to assistance theatre artistes and technicians during lockdown erstwhile theatres were shut. They didn't cognize what to bash and also, they did not person immoderate root of revenue. Also, Indian theatre, which is truthful developed and has truthful overmuch value, should scope retired much to planetary audiences. So we thought determination should beryllium a dedicated level for theatre and performing arts. These were the 2 main reasons wherefore I decided to commencement my ain OTT app," helium replied.

"Many actors including maine person gratified our occurrence to theatre but seldom we bash thing factual for it. I americium successful nary presumption to repay immoderate theatre has done for me, it has helped maine scope here. This is conscionable a tiny effort by the kid who started theatre to wage backmost successful a small way," helium added.

Content for his self-funded app is being prepared ever since lockdown past year, informed the actor.

"We person not acquired acceptable content. Instead, we person implicit 100 hours of contented exclusively changeable for Nine Rasa, which is wholly original. The contented volition beryllium unrecorded successful a phased manner," helium shared.

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