Ramadan 2021: President Biden greets Muslims in US and across world observing Ramzan

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Washington: President Joe Biden has greeted the Muslims successful the US and crossed the satellite observing Ramzan, and hailed the contributions of the number assemblage successful gathering a divers and vibrant America. During the beatified period of Ramzan, Muslims observe fast, execute acts of charity, recite prayers and work the Quran. They accelerated regular from sunrise to sundown.

"As galore of our chap Americans statesman fasting tomorrow, we are reminded of however hard this twelvemonth has been. In this pandemic, friends and loved ones cannot yet stitchery unneurotic successful solemnisation and congregation, and acold excessively galore families volition beryllium down for iftar with loved ones missing," Biden and First Lady Jill Biden said successful a connection connected Monday.

"Yet, our Muslim communities statesman the period of revelation with renewed hope. Many volition absorption connected expanding their consciousness of the beingness of God successful their lives, reaffirming their committedness to the work of others that their religion compels, and expressing gratitude for the blessings they bask health, well-being, and beingness itself," helium said.

Observing that Muslim Americans person enriched the state since its founding, Biden said that they are arsenic divers and vibrant arsenic the America they person helped build.

"Today, Muslims are starring successful our efforts to combat COVID-19, playing a pioneering relation successful vaccine improvement and serving arsenic frontline wellness attraction workers. They are creating jobs arsenic entrepreneurs and concern owners, risking their lives arsenic archetypal responders, teaching successful our schools, serving arsenic dedicated nationalist servants crossed the nation, and playing a starring relation successful our ongoing conflict for radical equity and societal justice," helium said.

But still, Muslim Americans proceed to beryllium targeted by bullying, bigotry, and hatred crimes. This prejudice and these attacks are wrong. "They are unacceptable. And they indispensable stop. No 1 successful America should ever unrecorded successful fearfulness of expressing his oregon her faith. And my medication volition enactment tirelessly to support the rights and information of each people," helium said.

Biden said connected the precise archetypal time of his presidency, helium was arrogant to extremity the shameful Muslim question ban, and helium volition proceed to basal up for quality rights everywhere, including for Uyghurs successful China, Rohingya successful Burma, and Muslim communities each implicit the world.

"As we retrieve those who we person mislaid since past Ramadan, we are hopeful for brighter days ahead. The Holy Quran reminds america that "God is the airy of the heavens and earth," who leads america retired of acheronian to the light."

Although the White House festivities volition beryllium held virtually this Ramzan, "Jill and I look guardant to resuming the accepted White House Eid solemnisation successful idiosyncratic adjacent year, inshallah. We privation your families an inspiring and rewarding month," Biden said.

Ramzan, is the ninth period of the Islamic calendar, ends with Eid ul-Fitr and usually depending connected the calendar it lasts either 29 oregon 30 days, with the sighting of the caller satellite arsenic the indicator. 

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