PUBG to release big update on April 8, brand new map KARAKIN is officially live

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New Delhi: PUBG is going to merchandise large update connected April 8 astatine 9:30 IST, a study successful the Insidesport said. 

The company's authoritative leafage has said that Update 11.1 is coming soon!  "Drop backmost into the highlands of Paramo with updated terrain and caller crippled modes available. While there, you tin effort retired the latest limb equilibrium updates that see harm increases for the Mini-14, VSS, and SCAR-L. You tin besides enactment connected the 10 caller Mastery Medals added to bling up your revamped PUBG ID. On larger maps, deploy the caller Emergency Pickup to drawback a speedy transport implicit to the harmless portion for you and your squad. 11.1 besides features Killfeed updates, caller ways to find and adhd friends, a caller Match Log, and more," a PUBG page reads.

Meanwhile, PUBG has officially tweeted that the marque caller representation KARAKIN is officially live. The caller Karakin map, which volition regenerate the Vikendi map. 

"This decidedly isn't a prank - our marque caller representation KARAKIN is officially LIVE! Please bask this lukewarm invited from our unofficial circuit guides," PUBG tweeted.

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are banned successful India

Do besides enactment that PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are banned successful India, truthful it is strictly advised that Indian gamers should not download the crippled via immoderate APK extension.

The authorities had banned the multiplayer enactment crippled PUBG connected September 2 and it has been pulled retired from some Google Play Store and Apple App Store successful India pursuing the directive from the Indian government.

PUBG occupation opening successful India

PUBG has been successful talks with the Indian authorities regarding the game's re-entry into Indian market. Meanwhile, an Inside Sport study had antecedently said that PUBG’s re-entry into India ‘In the existent circumstances it volition not beryllium easy’. 

Recently, the institution posted a caller occupation opening (for Bangalore location) successful India seeking for idiosyncratic arsenic an Investment and Strategy Analyst who volition beryllium liable for mergers and acquisitions. The jobs details posted connected LinkedIn said that the relation of the campaigner volition beryllium to “support the process and planetary woody travel valuation with respect to India and MENA regions and assistance planetary teams with the same.” .

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