PM Narendra Modi to meet state CMs to discuss COVID-19 resurgence

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New Delhi: As India's regular COVID-19 tally secured highest presumption successful the world, surpassing Brazil and the United States, Prime Minister Narendra Modi volition beryllium holding a gathering with the Chief Ministers of states and Union Territories connected Thursday (April 8), sources said connected Monday (April 5).

The gathering is scheduled to beryllium organised astatine 6.30 p.m. connected Thursday arsenic India has been reporting an mean of 78,489 COVID-19 cases - a study based connected 7-day moving mean to visualise the fig of caller cases of the pandemic.

In the meeting, Prime Minister volition sermon the existent presumption of the COVID-19 pandemic crossed the state on with issues related to the vaccination via video conferencing, and the measures to curb the 2nd question of the pandemic.

The gathering comes successful the backdrop of 1,03,558 caller coronavirus cases successful the past 24 hours, the highest ever single-day spike since the onset of the pandemic past year, taking the full tally to 1,25,89,067 connected Monday.

Taking enactment of the alarming complaint of the spike successful COVID-19 cases and deaths successful the state with 10 states contributing much than 91 per cent of cases, the Prime Minister connected Sunday besides chaired a high-level gathering and directed that the "mission-mode" attack beryllium continued successful states and districts reporting precocious cases.

He reminded each the states to instrumentality required stringent measures with broad restrictions successful places truthful that the corporate gains of COVID-19 absorption successful the state successful the past 15 months are not squandered.

In a gathering with Chief Ministers of states and UTs connected March 17, the Prime Minister had said that India needs to instrumentality speedy and decisive steps soon to halt an emerging 2nd highest of COVID-19 infections, and that "There should beryllium regular monitoring. More beneficiaries should beryllium mobilised to halt wastage."

Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Haryana person been deemed states of "grave concern".

The progressive cases person presently accrued to 7,41,830 comprising 5.89 per cent of the full infections, portion the betterment complaint has further dropped to 92.80 per cent.

On Monday, the decease toll accrued to 1,65,101 with 478 caller fatalities.

The fig of radical who person recovered from the illness surged to 1,16,82,136, portion the lawsuit fatality complaint stood astatine 1.31 per cent, according to authoritative data.

The Centre has advised high-burden states and national territories to instrumentality stringent measures for containment of the surge.

So far, 7.91 crore doses of the COVID-19 vaccine person been administered successful the state since the thrust began connected January 16.

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