Over 7 crore Indians given COVID-19 vaccination, says Health Ministry as India sees massive spike in COVID-19 cases

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New Delhi: The cumulative fig of coronavirus vaccine doses administered successful the state crossed 7 crore with 12,76,191 doses fixed till 8 p.m. connected Friday, the Health Ministry said arsenic India registered this year's highest azygous time emergence of 81,466 infections.

So far, 1,23,03,131 radical person tested affirmative for coronavirus successful the country, according to a provisional study till 7 p.m. connected Friday.

The state has administered a full of 7,06,18,026 vaccine doses till 8 pm, the ministry said, adding that the fig included 6,13,56,345 radical who received its archetypal dose.

The 2nd dose of the vaccine has been administered to 92,61,681 people. The ministry said the numbers included 89,03,809 healthcare workers (HCWs) and 95,15,410 frontline workers, who person taken the archetypal dose.

As galore arsenic 52,86,132 HCWs and 39,75,549 FLWs person taken the 2nd dose, the ministry said, adding that 4,29,37,126 beneficiaries supra 45 years of property been administered the archetypal dose.

"Total 12,76,191 vaccine doses were fixed till 8 p.m. connected Friday, the 77th time of nationwide COVID-19 vaccination," the ministry said, adding that 12,40,764 received the archetypal dose portion 35,427 beneficiaries got the 2nd dose arsenic per the provisional study and last numbers volition beryllium compiled by by precocious night.

A full of 11,83,917 radical aged 45 and supra were fixed the archetypal dose connected April 2.

More than 36.7 lakh COVID-19 vaccine doses were administered connected April 1, the highest single-day sum till now, the ministry had said.

The countrywide vaccination thrust was rolled retired connected January 16 with healthcare workers getting inoculated and vaccination of frontline workers started from February 2.

The adjacent signifier of COVID-19 vaccination commenced from March 1 for those implicit 60 years of property and for radical aged 45 and supra with specified co-morbid conditions.
India launched vaccination for each radical aged 45 and supra from April 1.

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