Only 10.36% Women Candidates in Fray from Assam, Kerala, Puducherry And Tamil Nadu, Finds Report

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The National Election Watch and Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) has recovered that a precise tiny percent of the candidates successful fray successful Assam, Kerala, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu are women. According to the ADR report, among the 5,751 campaigner profiles it analysed from the 4 poll-bound states lone 10.36 percent were women.

The study that was released connected Thursday said portion 5,155 men were contesting from 530 constituencies, lone 596 women were successful the fray. The National Election Watch and ADR analysed the self-sworn affidavits of 5,751 candidates retired of the full of 6,225 candidates who are contesting successful Puducherry, Assam, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

A full of 474 candidates — 5 successful Assam, 29 successful Kerala, 1 successful Puducherry and 439 successful Tamil Nadu — were not analysed owed to unclear affidavits disposable connected the ECI website astatine the clip of making this report, the study said.

Out of full 941 candidates analysed from Assam, 865 are men portion 76 (eight percent) are women. In Kerala, 824 candidates are men retired of 928 analysed. Only 104 (11 percent) are women, the study said. The 30-member Puducherry assembly volition spot the combat of 323 candidates, including 287 men and 36 (11 percent) women. In Tamil Nadu, determination are 3,559 candidates successful the fray with 3,179 men and 380 (11 percent) women.

32 percent seats are ‘Red Alert Constituencies’

The study said that 170 (32 percent) retired of 530 constituencies had 3 oregon much candidates with declared transgression cases, making them ‘red alert constituencies’.

Out of 126 assemblies successful Assam, 13 (10 percent) are Red Alert Constituencies. In Kerala, 75 (54 percent) retired of 140 seats are ‘red alert constituencies’.

While 8 retired of 30 assemblies successful Puducherry are Red Alert Constituencies, 74 (32 percent) of 234 constituencies successful Tamil Nadu are having 3 oregon much candidates with declared transgression cases, the study said.

Over 17 percent candidates with transgression cases

Out of each the candidates analysed, 1,013 (17.61 percent) person declared they person transgression cases against them, with 511 (8.88 percent) facing superior transgression charges.

In Assam, retired of 941 candidates, 138 (15 percent) person declared transgression cases, including 109 (12 percent) with superior charges.

Out of 928 candidates analysed from Kerala, 355 (38 percent) person declared transgression cases against themselves successful their affidavits, including 167 (18 percent) facing superior transgression cases.

Similarly, retired of 323 candidates from Puducherry, 54 (17 percent) person declared transgression cases against themselves. This includes 28 (nine percent) with declared superior transgression cases against themselves.

In Tamil Nadu, 466 (13 percent) of the 3,559 candidates person declared transgression cases against themselves. At slightest 207 (six percent) person declared superior transgression cases against themselves.

On April 6, each of Kerala’s 140 assembly seats, Puducherry’s 30 seats and Tamil Nadu’s 234 spell to polls. Assam volition person its 3rd and past signifier of elections connected April 6 connected 40 seats.

The predetermination results for each the constituencies volition beryllium declared connected May 2.

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