No shortage of vaccines, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh need to put their act together: Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan

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New Delhi: With the fig of COVID-19 cases rising rapidly crossed the country, the Centre connected Wednesday (April 7) deed retired astatine Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh governments implicit their alleged nonaccomplishment to power the dispersed of corruption successful their states.

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said that the allegations of vaccine shortage were utterly baseless and that it was an effort by the authorities governments to divert attraction from their ain failures.

“Deplorable attempts by immoderate authorities governments to distract attraction from their failures and dispersed panic among the people,” Dr Harsh Vardhan was quoted arsenic saying by ANI.

“I person seen statements made by nationalist representatives successful Maharashtra astir shortage of vaccines. This is thing but an effort to divert attraction from Maharashtra government’s repeated failures to power the dispersed of pandemic,” helium added.

“Inability of Maharashtra govt to enactment responsibly is beyond comprehension. To dispersed panic among the radical is to compound the folly further. Vaccine supplies are being monitored connected a real-time basis, and State governments are being apprised regularly astir it,” Dr Harsh Vardhan said.

“Allegations of vaccine shortage utterly baseless. Throughout past twelvemonth arsenic Union Health Minister I person been witnesser to misgovernance and casual attack of Maharashtra authorities successful battling virus. Their lackadaisical cognition singularly bogged down country’s efforts to combat virus,” helium added.

He further said that show of Maharashtra authorities successful presumption of vaccinating healthcare and frontline workers was not great, adding that it was shocking to spot however authorities authorities is putting Maharashtrians successful information by letting radical flight organization quarantine mandate for the involvement of their “personal Vasuli”.

‘Chhattisgarh lone authorities successful the satellite to person incited vaccine hesitancy’

Highlighting the disproportionately higher mortality complaint successful Chhattisgarh, the curate blamed the authorities authorities for refusing to usage Covaxin.

“Chhattisgarh has seen disproportionately higher fig of deaths successful the past 2-3 weeks. Their investigating remains heavy babelike connected accelerated antigen tests which is not a omniscient strategy,” Dr Harsh Vardhan said

“Chhattisgarh authorities refused to usage Covaxin contempt it being fixed exigency usage authorization by DCGI. Not lone this, by its actions, leaders of the authorities govt person dubious favoritism of being possibly lone authorities successful the satellite to person incited vaccine hesitancy,” helium added.

The national curate besides pointed retired different states that “need to bring their healthcare systems up to the mark”.

“Quality of investigating needs to amended successful Karnataka, Rajasthan and Gujarat. In Punjab, precocious lawsuit fatality complaint needs to beryllium improved by aboriginal recognition of those needing hospitalization,” helium said.

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