Night Curfew in Gujarat Cities Including Ahmedabad Extended for 15 Days; Check Details

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The Gujarat authorities connected Tuesday issued a notification extending the nighttime curfew successful unit successful 4 cities by different 15 days till April 15. The nighttime curfew successful Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot volition present stay effectual betwixt 9 p.m. and 6 americium till April 15, an authoritative merchandise said. These 4 large cities unsocial accounted for astir 70 per cent of the infections connected Tuesday.

The authorities besides extended the implementation of the Centre’s guidelines connected testing, tracing and attraction and different measures by different period till April 30, it said. The authorities had connected March 16 accrued the timing of the nighttime curfew, which has been successful unit since November past year, by 2 hours owed to a emergence successful COVID-19 cases.

The authorities authorities had relaxed the curfew clip till midnight successful February aft the Covid cases were dipping successful the country.

Local authorities aboriginal decided to summation that timing by different 1 hour. The nighttime curfew was expected to stay successful unit till March 31.

Ahmedabad recorded 50 percent of the state’s full deaths astatine 5. While Gujarat’s trial positivity complaint roseate to 3 percent connected Tuesday compared to 2.5% connected March 26, 5 days ago, indicating much cases per 100 tests.

The fig of progressive cases successful the authorities climbed to 12,263, highest since December. The progressive cases successful Ahmedabad crossed 2,000 astatine 2,094 portion Surat accounts for 31 percent of the state’s progressive cases astatine 3,839.

Gujarat connected Tuesday witnessed 2,220 COVID-19 cases, taking the state’s tally to 3,05,338, portion the decease toll accrued by 10 and the betterment number by 1,988, an authoritative said. The state’s toll stands astatine 4,510, and the fig of radical discharged is 2,88,565, leaving it with 12,263 progressive cases, including 147 captious patients, helium added.

“Ahmedabad reported 5 deaths, Surat four, and Vadodara one. Surat led with 644 caller cases, followed by Ahmedabad with 613, Vadodara 257, Rajkot 207 among different districts,” the authoritative informed. A authorities authorities merchandise said 53,89,349 radical had been vaccinated truthful far, including 1,93,968 connected Tuesday, portion 6,43,855 beneficiaries person besides received the 2nd dose.

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