News18 Daybreak | Bengal 2nd Phase Voting Begins Amid Violence, Govt Rolls Back Small Savings Scheme Circular Within Hours

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Bengal 2nd Phase Voting Begins Amid Violence, Polling Agent Heckled, TMC Worker ‘Killed’; Eyes connected Nandigram Battle

Polling began astatine 7 am, including the high-profile Nandigram seat, successful the 2nd signifier of the West Bengal assembly elections amid choky security. However, incidents of unit were reported successful immoderate areas arsenic the location of a TMC booth cause was allegedly ransacked, different was ‘forced to instrumentality home’, a Trinamool worked was reportedly hacked to decease successful West Midnapore and polling agents were heckled in booth fig 14 of Nandigram. 

Govt Rolls Back Small Savings Scheme Circular Within Hours, Says Rates to Remain Same arsenic successful 2020-2021

The authorities connected Thursday greeting rolled backmost the chopped connected involvement rates connected tiny savings schemes. The Centre had a time agone announced to chopped the rates connected schemes, including NSC and PPF, by up to 1.1 per cent for the archetypal 4th of 2021-22 successful enactment with falling fixed deposit rates of banks.

Fourth Batch of Rafale Jets Land successful India: Mapping Their Journey From France to Jamnagar

It was to beryllium a concealed take-off and landing. But that’s not however it turned out, arsenic the Indian Embassy successful France tweeted pictures of 3 Rafale jets departing from the Merignac Airbase successful Bordeaux. The 4th batch of the 3 IAF Rafales landed astatine the Jamnagar base, connected Indian soil, aft a nonstop ferry from Istres Air Base successful France.

LPG Price Cut by Rs 10, 14.20-kg Cylinder to Now Cost Rs 809 for Both Subsidised and Market Price Users

After raising cooking state prices by Rs 125 per cylinder past month, state-owned lipid firms connected Wednesday announced a Rs 10 per cylinder chopped successful LPG rates connected softening planetary lipid prices. A 14.2-kg LPG cylinder — some for subsidised and marketplace terms users — volition outgo Rs 809 from April 1 arsenic against Rs 819 currently, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) said successful a statement.

New York Legalises Recreational Marijuana; Records of Those With Related Convictions Will beryllium Expunged

New Yorkers tin present person up to 3 ounces of cannabis nether a legalization measure signed Wednesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, portion income of recreational-use marijuana won’t go ineligible for an estimated 18 months until the authorities draws up regulations. Advocates for transgression justness betterment anticipation it volition besides assistance redress the inequities of a strategy that has locked up radical of colour for marijuana offenses astatine disproportionate rates. 

5 Highlights from Shah Rukh Khan’s #AskSRK Session connected Social Media

Shah Rukh Khan hosted a #AskSRK league connected societal media recently. It was agelong coming and his fans could not beryllium happier to perceive from their favourite star. As the league has concluded, we instrumentality a look astatine apical 5 highlights during Shah Rukh’s interaction with fans connected societal media.

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