Mrs Sri Lanka 2019 rips off Pushpika De Silva from her winning crown on stage, video goes viral - Watch

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New Delhi: Dramatic chaos was fto escaped astatine the satellite signifier of Mrs Sri Lanka quality pageant. On Sunday, Pushpika De Silva was crowned Mrs Sri Lanka and minutes later, she was de-crowned and aboriginal again the crown was fixed backmost to her. 

A video from the signifier of Mrs Sri Lanka beauty pageant has deed the net is a viral worldly online. Take a look: 

The reigning Mrs World and 2019 Mrs Sri Lanka, Caroline Jurie, ripped disconnected the crown from Pushpika De Silva and placed it to the archetypal runner-up. This play ensued wrong minutes of Pushpika being crowned arsenic the winner. 

Reportedly, Pushpika stood disqualified implicit allegations of her being a divorcee. As per quality pageant rules, lone joined women tin clasp the rubric of Mrs Sri Lanka. In the video, shocked Pushpika makes a speedy exit from the signifier aft she is de-crowned. 

However, Pushika De Silva took to Facebook and successful a agelong station shared the embarrassing incident. An excerpt reads: Firstly, I would similar to springiness my respect and acknowledgment to the judiciary for choosing maine arsenic the victor of the 2020 Married Beauty Queen Crown.

Secondly, arsenic I think, for the archetypal clip successful the past of the quality queen not successful Sri Lanka but successful the world, adjacent though my crown has been snatched successful beforehand of everyone insultfully, I volition support my caput consecutive astatine this infinitesimal of penning and accidental that I americium arrogant and arrogant arsenic before. Me, myself, and this is conscionable different incidental for me.

On the different manus I'm not a divorcement woman. I accidental with large work that I americium not a divorcement pistillate adjacent astatine this infinitesimal of writing. If I was a divorce, I would situation them to taxable my divorcement scripts. I haven't hidden from the satellite that I'm with my child. I besides person idiosyncratic reasons to beryllium that way. But, being isolated is one. Divorce is thing else. I'm inactive an un divorced woman.

If I wasn't acceptable astatine the opening of this tourney they could person removed me. They weren't sleeping until I came truthful acold aft the remaining crippled events.

However, according to Reuters, the prize was returned to her connected Tuesday astatine a quality conference, aft pageant organisers confirmed she was not a divorcee. They person besides apologised to her.

The victor of the Mrs Sri Lanka contention goes connected to vie successful the Mrs World contest. The authoritative Mrs World Instagram relationship acknowledged De Silva`s triumph successful a little station with her photograph connected Tuesday.

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