Mehbooba Mufti appeals to Jammu-Kashmir youth to lay down arms, present views peacefully

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New Delhi: PDP president and erstwhile Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti connected Monday (April 12) appealed to the younker of the authorities and asked them to laic down their weapons and contiguous their views peacefull. She besides asserted that her enactment volition proceed to conflict for the restoration of Jammu and Kashmir's peculiar status.

"Nobody volition recognize the connection of weapons. If you contiguous your views peacefully, the satellite volition perceive to you. If you talk langauge of guns you'll beryllium killed & you'll summation nothing. I entreaty to J&K younker to permission weapons & talk. They'll person to perceive 1 day," the PDP Chief said, according to quality bureau ANI.

She besides spoke astir the restoration of the state's peculiar presumption and said, "We inquire our federation to springiness america backmost what was snatched distant from us. If you privation radical of J&K, you'll person to reinstate our honour. There's nary different way. I accidental this to my country. Why does BJP get aggravated erstwhile I accidental it? Will I inquire from Pakistan?"

The erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said the peculiar presumption to the erstwhile authorities was fixed by the Constitution of India.

The PDP main said India and Pakistan volition person to clasp talks for resolving their outstanding issues, including the occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. "One time the 2 countries person to beryllium unneurotic to resoluteness each the outstanding issues if they privation bid successful the region," she said.

Mufti said the SAARC acme should beryllium held truthful that the issues betwixt the 2 neighbouring countries are resolved.

"I anticipation that Prime Minister Narendra Modi goes to Pakistan for the summit.... As (former premier minister) A B Vajpayee had said, we tin alteration friends, but we cannot alteration neighbours," she added.

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