May God bless Europe! The continent faces third wave of deadly COVID-19 infections

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New Delhi: More than a twelvemonth aft the commencement of the pandemic, a ample portion of Europe is astatine the commencement of the 3rd COVID-19 wave. The continent is enduring a grim outpouring this year, arsenic the fig of COVID-19 infections, hospitalisations and decease are astatine an each clip rise.

The continent is wrestling with a much deadly variant successful the 3rd wave. With the vaccine programmes moving astatine a dilatory gait and the caller variant dispersed speeding up, France President Emmanuel Macron announced the country’s 3rd nationwide lockdown, pursuing which premier curate Jean Castex successful the parliament said, “the epidemic is spreading fast, and it’s spreading everywhere.” 

France, currently, is nether lockdown with galore restrictions which includes question restrictions, schoolhouse closures and nighttime curfew from 7pm-6am. In the past month, the infections successful France person risen up by 55 percent. 

In Italy, lockdown has been imposed successful astir areas from Monday. The citizens person been directed not to permission their homes unless for indispensable errands. Most shops volition beryllium closed, on with bars and restaurants.

Meanwhile, different countries connected the continent similar Germany, Netherlands and Belgium are besides facing dreadful increases successful COVID-19 infections. The 2 week percent maturation of Netherlands is 48 percent, which is beneath Germany astatine 75 percent and the worst is Belgium astatine 95 percent. 

Amid the abrupt surge successful COVID-19 infections, the usage of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine was concisely stopped implicit the contented of broadside effects, pursuing which the World Health Organization and the European Commission person urged the European nations to usage the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. 

Both the organisations unanimously expressed assurance successful the vaccine and stated that it was wholly safe.

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