Mardaani 2 villain Vishal Jethwa to star in a romantic music video!

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New Delhi: Bollywood histrion Vishal Jethwa's almighty show arsenic a spine-chilling villain successful the Rani Mukerji starrer Mardaani 2 earned with rave reviews. Vishal’s introduction into Bollywood was a blockbuster and present helium is gearing up for his project. 

He volition beryllium seen playing a romanticist successful a caller euphony video! Arko Pravo Mukherjee of Teri Mitti fame has sung a soulful azygous Dhat and Vishal is playing a charming person successful the video.

Vishal Jethwa talked astir his task and said, "When I was approached by Arkoda for this euphony video, I didn’t deliberation doubly arsenic Arkoda is simply a precise respected singer-songwriter and euphony composer. I person been a immense instrumentality of his compositions Teri Mitti and Nazm Nazm. When I heard the music, I fell successful emotion with the opus arsenic I recovered it to beryllium a precise sweet, romanticist composition.”

He added, “Also erstwhile I learnt that the conception of the opus is retro and the portion I was being offered was of a romanticist boy, I grabbed it arsenic I person ne'er got the accidental to play a romanticist quality connected screen. I felt it would beryllium thing antithetic and challenging. This opus and the lyrics personally connected with maine and my household besides loved it. So, I decided to bash it arsenic I wanted the assemblage to spot maine successful a antithetic avatar station Mardaani 2.”

Vishal is looking for much opportunities to play a romanticist leader connected screen. He said, “I would emotion to. However, immoderate characters I volition portray, affirmative oregon negative, I would ever similar to situation myself to guarantee that I bash implicit justness to the role. I americium grateful for each the emotion and appreciation I received for my quality successful Mardaani 2. Having said that, arsenic an actor, I would similar to perpetually situation myself to play antithetic roles.”

He said aft his cold, evil enactment successful Mardaani 2, this is decidedly a invited change! 

"It was a precise refreshing alteration arsenic I played a acheronian quality successful Mardaani 2. So, I was rather excited to collaborate connected this euphony video. There is simply a stark quality betwixt my quality successful Mardaani 2 and the relation I americium essaying successful the euphony video. It was amusive shooting for this euphony video and I americium definite the audiences volition emotion it arsenic overmuch arsenic we enjoyed creating it", helium said.

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