Maharashtra records nearly 50k new COVID-19 cases as lockdown warning looms

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Mumbai: The fig of coronavirus cases continued to emergence with the authorities signaling 49,447 caller cases of infections and 277 deaths related to the illness successful the past 24 hours. The Centre said Maharashtra has shown a nine-fold jump, the maximum summation successful the fig of progressive cases successful the past 2 months.

Maharashtra presently has 4,01,172 progressive cases of which  9,090 cases person been reported from Mumbai, it has a full of 62,187 progressive cases.

As per its COVID-19 bulletin, Maharashtra presently has 21,57,135 radical successful location quarantine and 18,994 radical successful organization quarantine.

CM Thackeray warns of lockdown

Stopping abbreviated of declaring a lockdown, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray warned that a determination volition person to beryllium taken and that presently consultations with experts and governmental leaders was underway.

“I americium informing astir implicit lockdown but not announcing it. I volition talk to experts and governmental leaders successful the adjacent 2 days. If determination is nary different enactment to a lockdown, we volition person to judge it,” Thackeray had said connected Friday successful a bid of tweets.

Further helium had said, “Some strict restrictions volition person to beryllium imposed successful the coming days. In cities, we volition request to debar unnecessary crowding. In Mumbai, determination is crowding during highest and non-peak hours successful trains. There is crowding successful restaurants and successful different places arsenic well.”

Schools and colleges closed

Meanwhile, the authorities acquisition curate Varsha Gaikwad connected Saturday announced to beforehand each students studying of Classes 1 to Class 8 without exams in view of the ongoing concern owed to COVID-19

Lockdown and nighttime curfew imposed successful different states

The Odisha authorities connected Saturday announced that nighttime curfew would beryllium imposed successful 10 districts with effect from April 5, owed to the emergence successful the fig of COVID-19 cases successful the state, an authoritative bid stated.

While, India connected Saturday recorded 89,129 caller cases — the highest since September past year. Corresponding to the accelerated surge successful cases, the fig of progressive cases, too, person registered a dependable summation for the 24th time successful a row. The Union Health Ministry informed that 8 states — Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh — relationship for 81% of the cases successful the country.

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