`Mahajot ka Mahajhooth` exposed: PM Modi accuses Congress of encouraging violence in Assam

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi connected Saturday said that the radical of Assam person rejected unit for development, peace, unity and stability. While addressing an predetermination rally successful Bodoland Territorial Region's (BTR) Baksa district, the premier curate blamed the Congress authorities of encouraging violence.

PM Modi said and that Congress and its allies person been exposed and that the voters person realised the "Mahajhot ka Mahajhooth (the Grand lies of the Grand Alliance). 

He said with radical reposing religion NDA's docket of development, stability, peace, goodwill, harmony and unity.

"It's unfortunate that those who divided nine and threw crumbs of improvement astatine peculiar sections for their ballot slope authorities are said to beryllium practising secularism portion we, who guarantee that improvement reaches all, are termed communal," PM Modi said.

PM Modi asserted that the NDA government formulates policies that are non-discriminatory and for each sections of society.

"Whenever we deliberation of immoderate scheme, we deliberation of everyone without immoderate discrimination. We privation that the benefits of the schemes scope each conception of the society, irrespective of whether they are signifier a ballot slope oregon not, literate oregon illiterate. We are present to enactment for the federation and to alteration the lives of people," helium said.

The NDA is committed to moving up connected the way of improvement done "peace and goodwill" and it is this that has led to the signing of the historical Bodo Accord, helium said.

The premier curate said, successful the past 5 years the "double engine" NDA governments astatine the Centre and successful the authorities person resulted successful "double benefit" for Assam.

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