Maha Kumbh Mela 2021: Devotees to participate in third ‘Shahi Snan’ in Haridwar on April 14

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New Delhi: The 3rd royal bath of the Maha Kumbh is connected Wednesday (April 14). On the juncture respective devotees volition instrumentality a beatified bath successful the Ganga stream astatine Har Ki Pauri successful Haridwar.

The beatified dip of Maha Kumbh comes erstwhile the state is warring the 2nd question of COVID-19. Amid the COVID-19 line successful place, the wide nationalist has been allowed astatine the Bramha Kund lone till 7 am, station which, the country volition beryllium reserved for akharas. Devotees, however, person been allowed to instrumentality the beatified dip connected different ghats.

Earlier, officials revealed that by Monday evening connected the juncture of the 2nd beatified dip much than 3.1 cardinal devotees had bathed successful the river, with galore much expected to travel suit. 

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The Maha Kumbh Mela authorities successful Haridwar are struggling to guarantee COVID-19 related guidelines arsenic implicit 20 lakh pilgrims arrived astatine antithetic ghats successful the territory connected the juncture of ‘Somvati Amavasya’ connected Monday.

Most of the individuals were neither wearing masks nor adhering to societal distancing protocols successful the Maha Kumbh successful Haridwar.

"We are continuously appealing to radical to travel COVID-19 (/topic/covid-19) due behaviour. But owed to the immense crowd, it is practically not imaginable to contented challans today. It is precise hard to guarantee societal distancing astatine ghats,"  Kumbh Inspector General (IG) Sanjay Gunjyal said. 

"A stampede-like concern whitethorn originate if we would effort to enforce societal distancing astatine ghats truthful we are incapable to enforce societal distancing here," helium said connected Monday.

Meanwhile, India registered much than 1.60 lakh COVID-19 cases for the 2nd consecutive day, according to the authoritative figures released connected Tuesday (April 13, 2021) morning. India recorded 1,61,736 caller COVID-19 infections successful the past 24 hours, too 97,168 recoveries and 879 deaths.

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