Madurai: Saurashtra Handloom weavers hopeful of Govt support after PM Modi mentions them in speech

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Madurai: Not excessively acold from the bosom of Madurai city, is Krishnapuram Colony, which besides goes by the sanction Weaver’s colony, a notation to the superior vocation of those settled there. The assemblage of handloom weavers hail from Saurashtra, which is the peninsular portion of Gujarat, that covers astir one-third of the occidental state. The assemblage from Saurashtra migrated to Tamil Nadu astir 400 years agone and person made the taste superior of Tamil Nadu their home. 

Having wholly assimilated into Tamil civilization and traditions, they are astir indistinguishable from the colonisation here, speaking successful Madurai Tamil and dressed similar those who’ve belonged present for ages. However, the community’s transportation with their parent lingua remains arsenic intact arsenic ever. They accidental that each clip they conscionable different idiosyncratic from their assemblage and region, they would onslaught a speech successful their ain language. 

Of the astir 300 families that unrecorded successful the weavers' colony, conscionable astir 200 of them person the accepted wooden handloom weaving equipment, which astir occupies a 150square feet room. 

Haridas Vinayaga, a trader who has been intimately associated with the handloom industry says that the younger generations person started moving to different professions and settling good successful life. “This creation signifier is passed connected from 1 procreation to another, but contiguous lone the aged radical proceed it, arsenic they are near with nary different enactment for their livelihood. They are hopeless for Government support”

In a stark opposition from astir 25 years ago, contiguous their creator enactment of handloom weaving of fabric saris faces the menace of ceasing to be. Over the last quarter of a century, the emergence of synthetic materials, machine-weaving looms and income of handloom garments person dented their hopes of a amended beingness and livelihood. 

The weavers accidental that until the mid-1990s, the State Government utilized to supply them earthy worldly and bargain the finished saris, arsenic a portion of a Cooperative system. But the Government not lone stopped buying from the handloom weavers, but they besides started procuring machine-made saris, frankincense dealing a assemblage blow. Since then, the assemblage of weavers beryllium connected backstage suppliers who merchantability them the earthy worldly and aboriginal wage a paltry sum of Rs.200-250 for a handloom sari. 

A household of 4 - Ganesh, Rajeshwari, Kannan and Dhanalakshmi are moving astatine the looms acceptable up successful their homes. It takes astir 2 days worthy of effort by each of them to marque a azygous sari that costs astir Rs.1000, which is yet sold successful shops for implicit Rs.2500. The weavers lament that the intermediaries marque a ample stock of the wealth nether the existent arrangement. They accidental that a household of 4 members indispensable toil to marque astir Rs.8000 a month. 

The large demands of the weaver families are a Geographic denotation tag for their products, authentication for genuine handloom saris, weaver’s minimum warrant among others. They are hopeful that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and volition assistance their community, which belongs to the location authorities of the Prime Minister himself.

On Friday, portion campaigning for the NDA candidates successful Madurai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s code was replete with references to leaders and taste icons from the region. The NDA’s prima campaigner had besides touched upon this vibrant assemblage from the Saurashtra region, who had made Madurai their location implicit the past 400 years.

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