Madras HC Orders Exhumation of Covid-hit Doctor's Body on Wife's Writ Petition

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After 11 months of his death, the Madras High Court connected Wednesday ordered the exhumation of the assemblage of Dr Simon Hercules, who had been treating Covid patients and fell unfortunate to the microorganism successful April past year. The remains should beryllium exhumed from the Velangadu burial crushed and re-buried astatine the Kilpauk Cemetery, Justice Abdul Quddhose gave the absorption portion allowing a writ petition from Simon's woman Anandi.

All the COVID-19 protocols imposed by the cardinal and authorities governments from clip to clip volition person to beryllium needfully followed portion exhuming the assemblage and re-burying the aforesaid astatine the Cemetery and portion performing spiritual ceremonies by the household members, the justice said. Sufficient constabulary extortion shall beryllium provided, some astatine Velangadu burial crushed and Kilpauk Cemetery for the creaseless cognition of the exhumation and the re-burial process, the justice added.

The Health Officer nominated by the Greater Chennai Corporation shall beryllium contiguous and supervise the exhumation. This is to guarantee that each procedures are complied with and everyone contiguous shows respect to the deceased astatine each times and nationalist wellness is protected.

The justice said that the decease of Simon is simply a shocking 1 arsenic the incidental had fixed a go-by to each quality values. His corpse was shunted from 1 burial crushed to different owed to the objections raised by heartless quality beings for allowing the burial of the assemblage of a COVID-19 victim.

Ultimately, helium was buried successful a spot wherever radical belonged to different faith. The court, aft examining the safeguards adopted successful overseas countries, observed that till specified clip a authorities connected exhumation comes successful spot successful India, the aforesaid safeguards shall beryllium followed portion exhuming Simon's body.

The exhumation should commencement arsenic aboriginal arsenic imaginable successful the greeting to guarantee maximum privacy. Screens should beryllium placed astir the existing grave/burial crippled to support the exhumation from nationalist presumption and to warrant privacy. Workers indispensable dainty the neighbouring burial plots with care. Disinfectants and disposable protective covering (including respiratory facemasks) indispensable beryllium made disposable to the workers and disposed of safely aft the exhumation.

All remains and pieces of casket, webbing etc., are placed successful the caller casket (shell). Videography of the exhumation and re-burial process shall beryllium done. Allowing the petition, the justice quashed the April 24, 2020 bid of the GCC Commissioner, rejecting Anandi's plea for exhumation of her husband's assemblage and re-bury it astatine the Kilpauk cemetry.

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