Lockdown in Delhi? Panic-stricken migrant workers head home due to fear

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New Delhi: Amidst lockdown fears triggered by the imposition of nighttime curfew successful the nationalist superior pursuing a surge successful COVID-19 cases, respective migrant workers were seen leaving Delhi and heading towards their autochthonal places. 

One of the migrant workers, Pintu, a adust fruits seller astatine Anand Vihar Bus Terminal said, "Delhi is witnessing a crisp emergence successful COVID cases. Due to this, a nighttime curfew has been imposed successful the city. It is precise apt that the authorities volition enforce a lockdown soon. Hence, I on with my household are going backmost to Jharkhand."

Parmila Devi, different tea-seller said, " My household and I are going backmost to our colony successful Jharkhand. We privation to debar a concern similar the erstwhile lockdown. It is precise apt that a lockdown volition beryllium enactment owed to COVID. We volition travel backmost erstwhile the concern normalises."

Another pistillate who was readying to spell to Bihar said, "Had got stuck present during the lockdown, and wanted to debar immoderate specified concern again. It's amended to spell location for now."

Another migrant worker, Malti Devi said, "Last time, a fewer radical successful my household were forced to enactment backmost successful Delhi (including me) arsenic determination was nary transport available. We each wanted to spell backmost to our colony successful Jharkhand. The buses were each occupied. To debar specified a concern now, it is amended for america to spell back."

Sunil Gupta, who is simply a pupil who came to survey successful Delhi for his exams said, "I americium readying to spell backmost to my hometown now. It is apt that a lockdown volition beryllium imposed successful Delhi."

The Delhi authorities connected Tuesday (April 6) imposed a nighttime curfew successful the nationalist superior from 10 p.m. to 5 am. The bid volition beryllium imposed with contiguous effect till April 30.

Delhi reported 5,506 caller COVID-19 cases and 20 deaths successful the past 24 hours. This is the highest single-day spike of coronavirus infections successful the nationalist superior this year.

A full of 220 cases were registered successful the nationalist superior against the violators of the nighttime curfew guidelines connected the archetypal nighttime of curfew which started connected Tuesday nighttime from 10 p.m. and ended astatine 5 americium connected Wednesday.

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