Kerala Karunya Plus KN 362 Lottery Results Declared at; Check Here

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The Kerala State Lottery Department has announced the results of the Karunya Plus KN 362 lottery Thursday astatine 3 p.m. connected its authoritative website The lottery section rolls retired 7 play lotteries of which the Karunya lottery gully are held connected Thursdays. For the different days: Pratheeksha, Sthree Sakthi, Dhanasree, Win-Win, Akshaya, Bhagyanidhi, Karunya, and Pournami lottery gully are held.

However, connected peculiar occasions similar Onam, Vishu, Christmas and Dussehra, the lottery section holds Bumper lotteries. People tin bargain the play lotteries by paying Rs 40 for a azygous summons portion the outgo of the bumper lottery is not fixed and whitethorn complaint you determination betwixt Rs 200 to Rs 300 based connected the prize amount.

At Gorky Bhavan successful Thiruvananthapuram, the gully for the winning summons numbers is organised. People who person purchased the tickets for Thursday Kerala Lottery tin cheque their results by pursuing the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the authoritative website of the lottery section astatine

Step 2: Click connected the “Kerala Lottery Result 01.04.2021 Karunya Plus KN 362” enactment disposable connected the homepage.

Step 3: The effect of the lottery volition beryllium displayed connected the screen.

Step 4: See if your summons fig is mentioned connected the winning database oregon not.

If your summons fig matches with immoderate winning summons fig mentioned connected the winning list, past you volition person to assertion the prize magnitude by reporting to the lottery bureau wrong 30 days of the effect declaration.

It is mandatory to transportation the lottery summons and a valid photograph ID impervious for the verification process. Winners tin spell to immoderate of the 3 lottery offices contiguous successful the authorities astatine their convenience. The lottery offices are 1 each successful Punalur successful Kollam District, Kattappana successful Idukki District, and Thamarassery successful Kozhikode District.

Winners volition get the winning magnitude lone aft the completion of the verification process and aft taxation deductions, if applicable. cheque the prizes that tin beryllium won by the winners of the Thursday Lottery here:

First Prize: Rs 80 Lakh

Second prize: Rs 10 Lakh

Third prize: Rs 1 Lakh

Fourth prize: Rs 5,000

Fifth prize: Rs 1,000

Sixth prize: Rs 500

Seventh prize: Rs 100

Consolation prize: Rs 8,000

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