Karnataka gears up for 11-day COVID-19 night curfew, check guidelines here

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Bengaluru: Karnataka has geared up to travel done with the 11-day 'corona curfew' which volition travel into effect successful immoderate districts of Karnataka, including the authorities capital, from Saturday (April 10) night. 

This curfew aims astatine containing the dispersed of coronavirus and lone indispensable services, patients and passengers would beryllium allowed to ply.

The authorities authorities had announced nighttime curfew betwixt 10 p.m. and 5 americium each time from April 10 to 20 successful Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Kalaburagi, Bidar, Tumakuru, Udupi-Manipal cities.

The curfew volition beryllium successful spot successful different salient towns and territory headquarters, the authorities said.

The constabulary person made elaborate arrangements to guarantee compliance of the rules astatine night. In Bengaluru, Police Commissioner Kamal Pant told reporters that vehicles providing indispensable services, patients and their relatives volition beryllium allowed to question astatine night.

Besides, location delivery, e-commerce and the proscription of indispensable goods specified arsenic vegetables and nutrient commodities for merchantability successful the greeting volition beryllium allowed successful the night.

"Passengers coming to and going from Bengaluru are besides allowed to travel. They indispensable transportation with them question documents," Police Commissioner Pant said, according to News bureau PTI.

Companies that run astatine nighttime tin proceed to function, but their employees person to study to enactment earlier 10 pm.

"We volition unopen the metropolis successful the night," Pant said. When asked astir issuing peculiar passes for vehicular movement, the Commissioner said determination is nary question of issuing passes.

He warned that those violating the norms volition beryllium booked nether the Epidemic Act.

The determination to enforce nighttime curfew was taken owed to surging coronavirus cases successful the authorities astatine an alarming proportion.

The authorities reported 7,955 caller COVID-19 cases and 46 fatalities connected Friday.

(With inputs from PTI)

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