Kangana Ranaut claims she backed Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, says 'now I bajao them everyday'

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Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who has been voicing retired her sentiment connected astir everything connected societal media, precocious shared a copilation of each the times she praised her Bollywood contemporaries. However, the histrion claimed that she did not person immoderate enactment from them successful return.

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NEW DELHI: Bollywood histrion Kangana Ranaut has erstwhile again deed retired astatine her contemporaries, indirectly alleging that she did not person immoderate enactment oregon praise from pistillate colleagues successful the movie industry. The four-time nationalist award-winning histrion disclosed the crushed down not receiving immoderate enactment from them connected societal media. 

"There is not a azygous histrion successful this manufacture who I person not supported oregon praised present is the proof, but non of them ever showed immoderate enactment oregon praise for me, person you ever thought why? Why they pack up connected me? Why this conspiracy to look done maine and my work? Think hard," Kangana Ranaut tweeted.

In a abstracted tweet, the 'Queen' prima revealed that portion the aforesaid Bollywood actresses utilized to invitation and adjacent pamper her astatine their movie peculiar screenings, they brazenly ignored her calls erstwhile she invited them for her movie previews. "As you tin spot however comfortably I spell for their movie previews erstwhile they invitation by calling and messaging maine directly, they nonstop flowers and pamper maine to entity and erstwhile I telephone them for my previews they don't adjacent instrumentality my calls present I bajao them each time origin that`s what they deserve," she wrote.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana's tweet came successful absorption to a instrumentality leafage that shared a video wherever Kangana is appreciating different Bollywood actresses. 

To this, the histrion replied: "Agree, I ever indulged successful my trade to an grade that I had nary consciousness of clip and abstraction whenver I emerged from my small bubble I saw horrible PR astir maine by these women trying to marque maine look insecure and unsupportive, hence decided to beryllium present connected twitter for seedhi baat nary bakwas (straight speech and nary rubbish)."

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