Irrfan Khan's co-star Saba Qamar calls off wedding with fiance Azeem Khan, shares a lengthy post

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NEW DELHI: Pakistani histrion Saba Qamar, who shared the large surface alongside Irrfan Khan successful the 2017 Bollywood movie 'Hindi Medium' has called disconnected her wedding to Azeem Khan. The histrion took to societal media and shared a station announcing her separation. Saba, who was each acceptable to necktie the knot with Azeem, has decided to telephone disconnected the wedding owed to immoderate idiosyncratic reasons.

It is to beryllium noted that Azeem is simply a blogger and entrepreneur. 

Sharing the news, Saba shared a enactment connected Instagram, writing, "Hi everyone, I person a precise important announcement to make, owed to a batch of idiosyncratic reasons I person decided to telephone it disconnected with Azeem Khan, ‘WE ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED NOW’ anticipation you guys volition enactment my determination conscionable similar you each person been supporting maine always, and I conjecture it’s ne'er excessively precocious to realise the bitter realities! I besides wanted to wide ONE IMPORTANT happening that is: "I person ne'er Met Azeem Khan successful my beingness we were lone connected implicit the phone" It’s a precise hard clip connected maine close present but arsenic we each cognize 'THIS TOO SHALL PASS' Insha Allah Much emotion to you all! -Saba Qamar."

Saba Qamar

In his effect to the post, Azeem excessively shared a enactment connected Instagram stating that she deserves each the happiness. Moreover, helium took afloat work for the break-up and wrote, "Saba you person the astir astonishing psyche and you merit each the happiness successful the universe. May God bless you with each the occurrence and love. Difficult roads often led to beauteous destinations. And yes, I would similar to instrumentality afloat work of this breakdown."

Saba Qamar

While neither Saba nor Azeem mentioned the crushed for their separation, it was reported immoderate clip ago, that a pistillate had accused the blogger of intersexual harassment sometime back. Azeem had adjacent addressed the allegations levelled connected him successful an Instagram video wherever helium denied the accusations, but deleted it later.

Saba, who was seen arsenic precocious histrion Irrfan Khan's co-star successful 'Hindi Medium', had paid tribute to the Bollywood prima connected his demise successful a societal media post. She'd written, "Deeply disturbed to perceive astir the passing of Irrfan Khan. I inactive can’t sorb the news. It feels similar yesterday coming backmost from the sets of Hindi Medium. You taught maine a batch arsenic an histrion and a mentor. It is so a immense nonaccomplishment to the cinema world. Such a superb histrion gone excessively soon. You near a immense irreplaceable void successful Cinema Irfan. My heartfelt condolences to his family. May Allah springiness them spot to carnivore this loss. RIP Raj. Yours Only, Meeta."

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