Indian Railways to start 4 Shatabdi trains, 1 Duronto special train from April 10: Check routes and schedule

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New Delhi: Indian Railways is going to commencement 4 Shatabdi trains and 1 Duronto peculiar bid from April 10 for passengers.

Railways Minister Piyush Goyal successful a tweet has said, dedicated successful the work of passengers, 4 Shatabdi Special, and a Duronto Special Train are being started by the Indian Railways. These services volition commencement from 10 April to 15 April, which volition guarantee convenient, and harmless travel.

यात्रियों की सेवा में समर्पित, भारतीय रेल द्वारा 4 शताब्दी स्पेशल, तथा एक दुरंतो स्पेशल ट्रेन आरंभ की जा रही हैं।

10 अप्रैल से 15 अप्रैल के बीच यह सेवायें शुरु होंगी, जिनसे सुविधाजनक, और सुरक्षित यात्रा सुनिश्चित होगी।

— Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) April 5, 2021

Shatabdi Special Train way and schedule

New Delhi - Amritsar (Daily)

New Delhi - Amritsar (Weekly)

Chandigarh - Delhi (6 Days a week)

New Delhi - Daurai (Daily)

Duranto Special Train way and schedule

Sarai Rohilla, Delhi - Jammu Tawi (3 days successful a week)

On April 3, Goyal thanked Rail Parivaar for their dedication and stupendous efforts and Breaking astir each records successful the COVID year.

Piyush Goyal said portion the satellite came to a standstill, Railwaymen ne'er took a time off, and worked adjacent harder astatine a large idiosyncratic hazard to support the Wheels of the Economy moving.

The Minister said "With your sheer willpower and resilience, we turned this situation into an opportunity". 4,621 Shramik Specials were tally to unite families and transportation much than 63 lakh stranded citizens. Despite limitations during the lockdown, 370 large information and infrastructure works were completed. Kisan Rail Services became the mean to link our ‘Annadatas’ straight with bigger markets. You, done your service, made this imaginable and successful crook touched the hearts and lives of lakhs of people.

It is simply a substance of immense pridefulness for maine that Railways, with its exemplary work, has spearheaded the economical recovery. 1,233 cardinal tonnes of originating freight has been loaded, which is the champion ever for immoderate year. 6,015 RKM of Rail Electrification works has been achieved successful the past Financial year. As they say, “Records are meant to beryllium broken” and nary 1 does it amended than Indian Railways."

The Minister further added that now, Railways has go a customer-centric and is taking galore steps for improving its velocity arsenic good arsenic operational efficiency. This is disposable arsenic the mean velocity of freight trains has astir doubled to 44 Kmph and punctuality of the rider trains has been maintained astatine a level of 96%. There person been zero rider fatalities and a drastic simplification successful fig of consequential bid accidents successful past 2 years.

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