Indian Idol 12: Rekha leaves Jay Bhanusali, Neha Kakkar in splits with her reply to question about falling for a married man

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New Delhi: Saturday's occurrence of the singing world amusement 'Indian Idol 12' saw Bollywood evergreen histrion Rekha gracing the signifier and wooing the assemblage with her charm and persona. The occurrence was a tribute to her and the contestants sang songs from her films dedicated to her and her travel successful the movie industry. This weekend, the amusement was hosted by Jay Bhanushali. 

Rekha, who has been successful the buzz for her quality connected Indian Idol 12, near everyone contiguous connected the amusement successful splits with her reply to big Jay Bhanusali's question. Bhanusali asks the judges, "Jay Bhanushali asking the judges, "Rekhaji, Nehu, kabhi aapne dekha hai ki koi aurat itna pagal horahi hai kisi aadmi k liye, woh bhi shaadi shuda aadmi k liye? (Rekhaji, Nehu, person you ever noticed a pistillate falling hard for a man, that excessively for a joined man?)."

Responding to him, Rekha says, "Muhse puchiye na (Ask me)." Taken aback by her response, Bhanusali goes 'huh' pursuing which Rekha quips, "Maine kuch nahi kaha (I didn't accidental anything)." 

Her speedy reply to Bhanusali's question connected extra-marital affairs near the assemblage and amusement judges - Neha Kakkar and Vishal Dadlani amazed. Infact, some Neha and Vishal couldn't power themselves either and applauded her response. 

Jay, who excessively was successful disbelief with Rekha's response, said, "Kya baat hai. Yeh laga sixer (Wow. That was a sixer)" arsenic Rekha smiled.

Meanwhile, Rekha besides talented a saree to newlywed Neha Kakkar connected the show. The seasoned histrion mentioned however blessed she was to perceive astir Neha Kakkar's wedding and decided to get her a peculiar acquisition arsenic 'shaadi ka shagun'. Rekha not lone talented the saree to Neha but besides draped the nine-yard outfit connected her. Neha was near wholly speechless with the motion and expressed her gratitude to the 'Silsila' actress. 

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