I’m not a wife-beater but the victim here, claims Shweta Tiwari's estranged husband Abhinav Kohli

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New Delhi: TV histrion Shweta Tiwari's estranged hubby Abhinav Kohli has breached his soundlessness implicit allegations of home unit made against him.

Rejecting the charges, Kohli claimed that it was really the different mode round, that is was Tiwari who bushed her utilizing a stick.

He did admit that helium slapped her but asserted that it was conscionable the 1 clip that specified a happening had happened.

“I person ne'er beaten Shweta isolated from that slap which Palak herself has mentioned successful that unfastened letter. And I had already apologised for that slap to some of them,” Kohli said successful an exclusive interrogation to SpotboyE.

He alleged that the full happening was conscionable a “confusion created by Shweta to beryllium that I subjected her to home unit which is not true.” He said helium has ne'er been a wife-beater arsenic has been alleged.

Kohli said that his narration with Tiwari took a atrocious crook aft Palak, Shweta's girl from a erstwhile marriage, asked him to permission the house. Things conscionable got worse aft that, helium added.

Kohli further said that helium hasn't seen his son, Reyansh, since October 2020 arsenic Tiwari doesn’t fto him.

“In 2017, erstwhile we had a combat and she separated maine from my kid for 3 months, I tried to conscionable my child. And I person besides shared a photograph connected my Instagram wherever you tin spot that achromatic people beneath my eyes. Shweta besides has CCTV footage of that incidental arsenic she had written a missive to the nine asking for it arsenic grounds for that fight,” Kohli elaborated.

“She has deed maine and erstwhile she did that to maine cipher came to cognize arsenic I didn't spell to the media and said thing oregon ran distant from my kid which she has been doing. From 2017, I person been suffering due to the fact that of each this but I ne'er spoke astir it. You deed me, utilized your girl to enactment a incorrect allegation connected maine who was brought up by this precise man, created a incorrect representation successful beforehand of the world,” helium added.

Earlier this month, Tiwari sent retired a almighty message connected International Women's Day for her girl Palak. The histrion urged her girl and different women to talk retired against immoderate signifier of violence.

“They inactive criticise maine for taking a measurement against home violence. But immoderate I did, made my girl sensible, intelligent and strong. I privation to archer my daughter, I americium ever with you astatine each step, but you request to combat your ain battles,” Shweta said, addressing her daughter.

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