Google to block apps from accessing entire app list on phones

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Are you alert that immoderate azygous app connected your smartphone tin spot each different app that you person installed connected your device, frankincense accessing delicate accusation similar dating preferences, banking information, governmental affiliation, and password management, etc?

Google has announced to alteration this strategy connected its Play Store from May 5. In an update, Google has said that app developers volition person to supply a coagulated crushed for wherefore the tech elephantine should fto them entree different apps connected users’ smartphones, reports arstechnica.

Currently, Android 11 apps that petition the “Query_All_Packages” support tin spot the afloat database of apps you person stored connected your device. 

Google has present updated its Developer Programme Policy, restricting which apps are allowed to usage the permission.

“Apps that person a halfway intent to launch, search, oregon interoperate with different apps connected the instrumentality whitethorn get scope-appropriate visibility to different installed apps connected the device,” Google said.

There’s an objection for fiscal apps similar banking apps and P2P wallets, which the leafage says “may get wide visibility into installed apps solely for security-based purposes.”

If your app meets the argumentation requirements for acceptable usage of the “Query_All_Packages” permission, you volition beryllium required to state this and immoderate different precocious hazard permissions utilizing the declaration signifier successful the Play Console.

“Apps that neglect to conscionable argumentation requirements oregon bash not taxable a Declaration Form whitethorn beryllium removed from Google Play. Important: If you alteration however your app uses these restricted permissions, you indispensable revise your declaration with updated and close information,” Google warned.

“Deceptive and non-declared uses of these permissions whitethorn effect successful a suspension of your app and/or termination of your developer account”.

For apps that person to interact with different apps, Google wants developers to usage app-discovery APIs alternatively of conscionable pulling the full app list.

The ‘Query_All_Packages’ support was added successful Android 11, truthful it lone applies to apps targeting Android 11’s API level, which is “API Level 30.”

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