Elon Musk’s Neuralink shows how monkey plays Pong with his mind

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In what could assistance paralysed radical to usage their minds to run a smartphone successful the adjacent future, Elon Musk-run brain-machine interface institution Neuralink connected Friday posted a YouTube video wherever a monkey tin beryllium seen playing a video crippled by navigating an on-screen cursor utilizing his mind. Pager, a nine-year-old macaque monkey, had a Neuralink spot implanted astir six weeks earlier the video was shot. The monkey was archetypal trained to play the Pong video crippled with a joystick for a banana reward. The Neuralink instrumentality recorded accusation astir which neurons were firing arsenic the wealth played the video game.

Later, the joystick was removed, and the monkey was inactive capable to play the crippled utilizing lone his mind. “A monkey is virtually playing a video crippled telepathically utilizing a encephalon chip,” Must said successful a tweet connected Friday. 

“First @Neuralink merchandise volition alteration idiosyncratic with paralysis to usage a smartphone with their caput faster than idiosyncratic utilizing thumbs,” helium added.

Musk further added: “Later versions volition beryllium capable to shunt signals from Neuralinks successful the encephalon to Neuralinks successful assemblage motor/sensory neuron clusters, frankincense enabling, for example, paraplegics to locomotion again”.

In February this year, the Tesla CEO revealed that a monkey has been wired up to play video games with its mind.

Musk said that Neuralink enactment a machine spot into the monkey’s skull and utilized “tiny wires” to link it to its brain.

Musk, who besides spoke astir abstraction travel, colonies connected Mars, crypto, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Covid-19 vaccines, said Neuralink is trying to fig retired if it tin usage its chips to get monkeys to play “mind Pong” with each other.

“That would beryllium beauteous cool,” said Musk, who is CEO of Neuralink, successful summation to SpaceX and Tesla.

Headquartered successful San Francisco, Neuralink’s squad of astir 100 radical is trying to make an implementable computer-brain interface.

The purpose of Neuralink is to summation the complaint astatine which accusation tin travel from the quality encephalon to a machine.

In 2020, the institution publically shared a wireless mentation of the Link that was capable to watercourse 1,024 channels of enactment potentials (also called “spikes”) wirelessly and successful real-time.

“We demonstrated its functionality by signaling somatosensory (touch) signals successful pigs exploring their environment. The electrodes were placed successful a portion of the encephalon progressive successful processing signals from the pig’s exquisitely delicate snout. As it snuffled about, the responses of the neurons to sensory cues could beryllium readily observed,” the institution explained.

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