Election Commission responds to Mamata Banerjee`s allegation of rigging at a polling booth in Nandigram

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New Delhi: In effect to West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee's allegation that determination was a implicit breakdown of instrumentality and bid during the 2nd signifier of the voting predetermination successful the authorities connected April 1, particularly astatine a polling booth successful Nandigram, Election Commission has written fixed a point-by-point reply to the Chief Minister.

The missive by Umesh Sinha, Election Commission of India, referring to her hand-written missive citing alleged going-on astatine polling presumption No. 7 Boyal Maktab Primary School, Nandigram Assembly Constituency, said, the EC said that allegations made against Border Security Force (BSF) jawans deployed astatine polling stations successful Nandigram are "not correct".

It said, "A transcript of your ain connection referred to supra is being enclosed. This connection signed by you astatine 2.44 PM was preceded by monolithic sum each implicit the state particularly successful the physics media which showed dozens of audio-visual shots of your being successful this polling presumption and virtually hurling avalanche of allegations connected immoderate officials moving successful Govt. of West Bengal itself, paramilitary unit and yet astatine the Election Commission."

"The Commission aft getting sensitized from the physics media and its ain officials had been keeping a way of events and yet sought a study from Special Observers - General, Shri Ajay Nayak, and Police, Shri Vivek Dube - who sent a last study to the Commission yesterday astir 5.30 PM."

The EC missive said that A mock drill was conducted astatine 5.30 americium crossed polling stations successful Nandigram and voting commenced astatine 7 americium connected April 1, adding that the polling agents of each governmental parties were contiguous during this mock drill.

It intelligibly said that by 1.45 p.m. erstwhile Mamata Banerjee reached the polling presumption No. 7, the "supporters of footwear BJP and AITC gathered extracurricular the premises of polling booth and the concern started becoming tense." 

The EC missive besides added that applicable CCTV footage is disposable with the Commission to beryllium that determination was nary wrongdoing successful the process.

Earlier connected Thursday, Mamata Banerjee had besides dialled Governor Jagdeep Dhankar from Nandigram, from wherever she is contesting against BJP`s Suvendu Adhikari, alleging that determination is simply a implicit breakdown of instrumentality and order.

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