Easy Digital Village confederates with SATMAT Group and lays the foundation of a digital development

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Innovation is the trademark feature of all IT companies across the globe. Nations that lead the world in creating trendsetting innovations and utilizing the full profitable limit of their computerized economies can acquire a vital upper hand. This is exactly what SATMAT Group and Easy Digital Village believes and follows as their mantra of success.

SATMAT Group and Easy Digital Village decided to join hands together and have the brilliant team at SATMAT Group as the latter's IT Development partner. According to Puja, Director at Easy Digital Village, “Digital economy affects the world's direction and the cultural prosperity of its residents. It influences everything from asset designation to pay dissemination and development. To streamline it all, partnering with such excelled people at SATMAT Group is undoubtedly going to contribute to our mutual growth in the market”.

Easy Digital Village is involved in computer-related activities like maintenance of websites for different companies and managing the multimedia documents alongside as well. They confederated with SATMAT Group to have assistance in their IT sector. Partnering together they are focusing to excel in their AEPS, DMT, Recharge, e-commerce, MLM, Travel management, and a few other software facilities.

Based in Varanasi, Easy Digital Village is a firm with 100+ employees and envisions to create a community of like-minded individuals working together to set goals that will embark to make a change in the IT Sector. Driving awareness and leads in the world's most viewed professional news feed they strive to provide businesses aid to take a hands-off approach to offer relevant buyer experiences. Started nearly a year ago, Easy Digital has seen a spurt of growth within a few months only because of their tireless dedication and strive to be better every day.

In the wake of a worldwide pandemic, admittance to these online administrations has ended up being a gift for every one of their customers. Easy Digital village in one such step to increase their sales, plans on to come forth with a technology that mutually benefits both the companies to grow together.

Talking about this effective collaboration, Mr. Rohit Ugale, the Founder and CEO of SATMAT Group says, “We are delighted to join hands with such a premium organization and ought to deliver the best of our services to them. We are sure that this partnership is going to touch horizons”.

With its establishment in 2017, SATMAT Group is well known for providing software development services which include, multi-recharge software development, laundry management software development, e-commerce software, and Fintech services to young entrepreneurs and StartUps across the globe. The organization additionally endeavors to stretch out monetary help and administrations to businessmen and young entrepreneurs so they can scale up their activities.

Easy Digital Village and SATMAT Group are now intertwined in a prestigious journey. Catering to the needs of people worldwide, they are prominent brands in their fields. By giving prime importance to user feedback and satisfaction, they have established trust in their consumers.

Mayank Tiwari, Director at Easy Digital Village expresses his gratitude towards this collaboration and mentions, “We are highly obliged to have such expert people to be a part of our venture and we look forward to a mutual growth of both the companies.” Putting the precocious heads of both the firms together, it is certain that the boost would be eye-catching and something that everyone would be looking forward to.

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