DU Teachers Vs Delhi Govt Continues: DUTA to Intensify Protests Over Non-Payment of Salaries

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Delhi University teachers person fixed a telephone for a bid of protests starting April 5 implicit the non-payment of salaries of teaching and non-teaching unit successful Delhi-government funded colleges.

The protests person been called by the Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) which has been raising the contented of hold successful grants to 12 Delhi government-funded colleges since October 2019. DUTA volition clasp 2 consciousness programmes successful Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia’s constituency connected April 5 and April 9, respectively. They volition besides beryllium holding a rally to the Ministry of Education connected April 7.

DU teachers had announced an indefinite ‘university shutdown’ connected March 11 but rejoined classes from April 1 urging the University to instrumentality contiguous steps.

“DUTA volition resume onslaught from April 12 successful lawsuit the University fails to instrumentality factual steps to safeguard interests of employees and colleges,” said Dr Rajib Ray, President of DUTA.

The Delhi authorities had released Rs 90 crore connected March 12 and an further Rs 28 crore connected March 16. However, DUTA says it’s inactive awaiting the further funds.

The teachers’ assemblage has besides alleged that the Delhi authorities has fixed the complaint of the 12 colleges to elder accounts officers (Sr AOs), replacing the principals done an earlier bid of the Finance Division. DUTA has besides said that determination has been an effort by the Delhi authorities to bring successful conditions of the New Education Policy (NEP) done ‘Pattern of Assistance’, which it says, seeks to enforce done the governing bodies of the colleges funded by the Delhi government.

DUTA has demanded that the Pattern of Assistance beryllium withdrawn. As portion of it’s upcoming protests, DUTA has planned to gherao colleges wherever the Governing Body Meetings are held to follow Pattern of Assistance.

A Delhi authorities connection connected this reads, “The Pattern of Assistance has been implemented ever since Delhi authorities began backing these 12 colleges. It is astonishing wherefore this protestation is being organised now.”

The connection further claims “special audits carried retired by the authorities shows superior fiscal irregularities successful the 12 colleges. Certain vested interests successful DU privation to fell the irregularities from Delhi government’s efforts connected fiscal transparency.”

Reacting to the allegations, enforcement subordinate of unit relation of BR Ambedkar College, Sujit Kumar, said, “If the Delhi authorities has done each the audits past wherefore isn’t it filing an FIR? You can’t halt the salaries of each employees implicit baseless allegations. We’re struggling each time due to the fact that of our fiscal situation.”

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