Do not run away from difficult subjects: PM Modi tells students in Pariksha Pe Charcha

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi connected Wednesday (April 7) held yet different ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ league successful which helium gave invaluable proposal to the students preparing for exams, their parents arsenic good arsenic the teachers.

Guiding the students connected however to bash good successful exams, the premier curate suggested them to not tally distant from the subjects they find difficult. He asked them to instrumentality attraction of those first.

“Do not tally distant from immoderate taxable adjacent if you find it difficult,” said PM during the online enactment with the students.

PM Modi cited his ain illustration of taking up much analyzable enactment successful the greeting erstwhile helium feels caller and leaving easier parts to precocious night.

He told students to not fearfulness exams but spot them arsenic a trial to amended themselves and arsenic a tiny destination successful their agelong lives.

He besides said that societal and household situation astatine times creates unit astir students that is not desirable.

If outer unit is not created, past students volition not consciousness the unit of exams and their assurance volition besides grow, helium said.

He asked teachers to usher students and told parents to ne'er make fearfulness successful the minds of their children, saying this whitethorn instill negativity successful them.

Parents should alternatively reenforce affirmative motivation, helium said. Parents unwittingly astatine times marque children "instruments" of fulfilling their dreams and goals, helium said, advising them against this.

PM Modi besides asked parents to not discriminate betwixt a lad and a miss child.

"We judge that girls and boys are equal, but we extremity up treating some otherwise astatine home. This tin bring a quality successful the cognition of both. This tin make a struggle successful children's minds", helium said.

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