DNA Exclusive: Nation appeals to PM Modi to bring back Rakeshwar Singh from Naxal captivity in Chhattisgarh

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New Delhi: "Please, merchandise my father," appealed the five-year-old girl of jawan CRPF jawan Rakeshwar Singh Manhas who has been captured by Naxals aft the Chhattisgarh ambush successful which 22 soldiers were martyred.

Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary connected Tuesday (April 6) took up that entreaty and urged radical to motorboat a run demanding the abducted jawan beryllium brought back. The full federation is rallying down the small girl, requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself to instrumentality contiguous steps to escaped the soldier.

Rakeshwar Singh's girl made a poignant entreaty contiguous to escaped her begetter from the Naxalites. She started crying saying that someway her begetter should instrumentality location arsenic soon arsenic possible.

Rakeshwar Singh was a portion of the operation of the information forces that had gone retired to seizure Naxalite Madavi Hidma successful the forests of Bijapur. He spoke to his household earlier going connected this operation. He told his woman that helium would decidedly telephone her the adjacent day. But much than 80 hours person passed, but she has not received that telephone telephone yet.

Singh's full household is looking astatine PM Modi with a batch of expectations. They are hoping that conscionable arsenic helium rescued Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman from Pakistan, likewise Singh should besides beryllium rescued.

Our jawans who bash not hesitate to springiness their lives to support u. Today the full state should beryllium a portion of this run to support them. We request the merchandise of Rakeshwar Singh from the concern of the Naxalites.

The banned CPI (Maoist), which has claimed work for this Naxalite attack, has besides written a letter, successful which the enactment has admitted that Rakeshwar Singh is nether the concern of the Naxalites.

The enactment has enactment 2 conditions to escaped Singh. The archetypal is that the authorities should retreat the information forces from the Naxalite-affected areas and 2nd is that the authorities name representatives for treatment with them.

In 2019, aft the Balakot airstrike, the Indian Air Force helping commandant Abhinandan Vardhaman was rescued from Pakistan by the Government of India.

At that time, India had fixed wide indications that if Pakistan did not escaped him, determination would beryllium superior repercussions.

Today, erstwhile again, different brave worker of our state needs to beryllium rescued successful the aforesaid way.

Many radical are asking wherefore determination is truthful overmuch hold successful rescuing Rakeshwar Singh. The occupation is that this clip the combat is not with an force federation but against radical surviving successful our ain country. The information forces are bound by the assorted alleged quality rights restrictions, stopping them from carrying retired a onslaught that could hazard lives of people.

Yesterday we told you that it is precise important to seizure Madavi Hidma adjacent earlier we get violent Hafiz Saeed. We reiterate our request due to the fact that the Naxalites are the biggest menace to the information of the country.

Today, we request that Rakeshwar Singh beryllium freed from the captivity of Naxalites.

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