DNA Exclusive: Beware of new COVID-19 variant, it could deceive even RT-PCR

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New Delhi: Only precocious it seemed similar we were adjacent to triumph successful the conflict against the COVID-19 pandemic arsenic the fig of infections had reduced significantly. But each that has changed successful a substance of fewer days arsenic the 2nd question of the pandemic struck India and different countries astir the world.

This question appears to beryllium adjacent deadlier than its predecessor arsenic the state is signaling an unprecedented fig of cases since the commencement of the pandemic. What makes the 2nd question much unsafe is the quality of caller variants of the archetypal virus.

Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary connected Tuesday (April 13) explained the menace that has emerged successful signifier of caller COVID-19 variants, which are susceptible of deceiving adjacent the RT-PCR method of testing.

By December 2020, astir 12 1000 variants of coronavirus person been detected. In conscionable the past fewer days, much than 100 caller variants person been identified. The caller variant that is spreading rapidly successful India this clip is rather dangerous.

This caller variant tin besides cheat the accustomed methods of investigating for COVID-19. This means adjacent aft 1 starts showing symptoms and subsequently gets tested, the study could crook up negative. But the study mightiness not beryllium true.

Experts person consistently said that determination is lone 1 mode to tackle coronavirus and that is done investigating and past by utilizing medicines to dainty the symptoms. But the question present arises that however would 1 statesman attraction if the trial cannot beryllium relied upon.

The caller strain of coronavirus does not look to beryllium causing excessively overmuch discomfort to the patients successful the aboriginal days. The diligent usually suffers from mild fever and flimsy cough. The oxygen level of the assemblage appears to beryllium normal. But each of a sudden, the concern deteriorates and the request to hospitalize the diligent arises.

The astir unsafe happening astir the caller strain of coronavirus is that it is causing precise terrible harm to the lungs. The strain infects the lungs astir 50% to 70% successful conscionable 2 to 3 days, whereas successful the archetypal question it took astir 7 days.

Due to this, the fig of deaths of patients owed to the caller strain has accrued rapidly. By the clip the corruption is detected, the patient's assemblage is already severely damaged. It takes from 24 to 36 hours for RT-PCR results. Till past the corruption causes large harm to the lungs.

How to observe the caller COVID-19 strain?

The caller strain tin beryllium detected utilizing 2 techniques.

The archetypal mode is done a high-resolution CT scan of the lungs. The 2nd mode is done a Bronchoalveolar lavage trial i.e. BAL test. The BAL trial identifies the microorganism by investigating lung fluid.

According to doctors, the caller variant tin beryllium identified by these procedures.

Entry of caller vaccines

After the Government of India approved the Sputnik V vaccine of Russia, it has further paved the mode to bring much vaccine candidates from extracurricular the country.

The proposal for approving much vaccines for exigency usage successful the state was made by the National Expert Group of Vaccine made, which the authorities has accepted. This volition allay the fearfulness of scarcity of vaccine doses and velocity up the vaccination process successful the country.

Apart from Sputnik V, the 3 overseas vaccine candidates which could soon beryllium brought into usage successful India are the ones made by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson.

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