Delhi University postpones final year examinations in wake of COVID-19 spurt

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New Delhi: Delhi University has decided to postpone the last twelvemonth examinations successful presumption of the prevailing COVID-19 crisis, officials said connected Sunday (May 2).

As per PTI report, the last twelvemonth and last semester exams, earlier slated to statesman from May 15, person been deferred to June 1. The exams volition beryllium conducted online successful an open-book format. 

"We held a gathering connected Saturday with each the heads of the departments and deans. The gathering was chaired by the vice-chancellor. It was decided that the exams beryllium postponed to June 1," D S Rawat, Dean of Examinations, DU, was quoted arsenic saying by the quality agency. 

The determination connected exams for intermediate semesters volition beryllium taken later, Rawat added. 

On April 30, the Delhi University Teachers' Association (DUTA) wrote a missive to the varsity's acting vice-chancellor PC Joshi seeking suspension of classes and cancellation of exams. Several students and teachers person been demanding postponement of exams owed to the existent coronavirus crisis. 

DU connected Thursday had said it volition instrumentality banal of the exam schedule, amid demands from students asking for exams to beryllium deferred. 

The teachers' assemblage sought for hold of deadlines for submission of Internal Assessment. "...we petition you to see cancelling examinations for each students and determine upon alternate means to measure students. " 

"Students, teachers and karmacharis (staff) are incapable to header with the dispersed of COVID-19 and the effect it is having connected each idiosyncratic life, it said, adding that it is incumbent upon the assemblage medication to beryllium delicate to the trauma each astir and instrumentality steps to alleviate the accent successful the lives of people," DUTA urged.  

"The information that students are battling unwellness of aforesaid and household members is evident from the information that the attendance successful classes has importantly dropped... Hence, the DUTA demands that classes beryllium suspended arsenic students and teachers are not mentally and physically successful a authorities to proceed with the teaching learning process," the missive further said. 

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