Delhi night curfew: Authorities receive over 73,000 applications for e-passes

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New Delhi: Soon aft the nighttime curfew was enforced successful Delhi connected Tuesday (April 7), authorities crossed districts received implicit 73,000 applications for e-passes, of which lone 1,271 were approved, officials said.

More than 34,000 applications were rejected arsenic the applicants did not autumn successful the exempted categories according to the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) order, the officials said connected Wednesday.

The Delhi authorities connected Tuesday imposed 7 hours of nighttime curfew, from 10 PM to 5 AM, with contiguous effect for this full period arsenic an exigency measurement for the "wellbeing and safety" of radical successful presumption of rising COVID-19 cases successful the city.

People volition necessitate a brushed oregon hard transcript of the e-pass to question during curfew hours. The e-pass tin beryllium obtained from the Delhi authorities website -- www.Delhi.Gov.In.

After the imposition of the nighttime curfew connected Tuesday, a full of 73,154 applications were received for e-passes. Of these, 34,759 were rejected and 30,940 were pending by Wednesday noon, authoritative figures showed.

Only 1,271 applications were approved crossed each 11 districts.

"Most of the applications were rejected arsenic the applicants did not autumn successful the exempted categories arsenic per Delhi Disaster Management Authority order," the officials said.

The highest fig of applications were received successful New Delhi territory astatine 13,139, followed by 11,661 successful South West, 9,947 successful South, 7,673 successful West, 6,560 successful North West, and 6,065 successful East Delhi, the authoritative information showed.

New Delhi territory besides saw the highest fig of rejected applications astatine 6,074, followed by 5,603 successful East, 5,580 successful West, 4,637 successful South and 3,431 successful West Delhi. A full of 6,132 applications were accepted and verification was pending for 51 others.

The highest pendency of applications was seen successful New Delhi astatine 6,525. As galore arsenic 5,093 applications were pending successful South and 4,102 each successful North West and South West. In Shahdara district, 1,110 applications were received and 1,105 were pending, the information showed.

East Delhi district, which received 6,065 applications, had the lowest pendency astatine 42.

Several categories of people, including those going for COVID-19 vaccination, persons associated with indispensable services, large women, cardinal and Delhi authorities officials progressive successful exigency services, etc. Are exempted from the nighttime curfew.

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