Delhi at 11.7 degrees Celsius records lowest minimum temperature for April in nearly 12 years

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New Delhi: Delhi recorded a minimum of 11.7 degrees Celsius connected Saturday (April 3), which is the lowest successful the period of April successful astatine slightest 12 years, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

"Cool, northerly winds led to a crisp dip successful the minimum somesthesia successful Delhi," said Mahesh Palawat, vice president (Meteorology and Climate Change) astatine Skymet Weather, a backstage upwind forecasting agency, according to PTI.

He besides said determination are nary chances of a "heatwave" successful Delhi for different week.

The higher reaches of Western Himalayas person been witnessing snowfall and the adjacent areas successful the plains are receiving rainfall intermittently since March past week owed to successive Western Disturbances, helium said.

"The skies implicit Delhi person remained mostly wide implicit the past fewer days, portion beardown winds person reduced contamination levels. It allowed the infrared radiation to flight backmost to space," Palawat said.

The Safdarjung Observatory, which provides typical information for the city, recorded a minimum of 11.7 degrees Celsius, 7 notches beneath normal.

The upwind presumption astatine Lodhi Road recorded a debased of 10.6 degrees Celsius, which was 7.4 degrees Celsius beneath normal, the IMD said.

The lowest minimum somesthesia for the period of April was 14.4 degrees Celsius past year, 16.2 degrees Celsius successful 2019 and 17.6 degrees Celsius successful 2018.

The metropolis had recorded 10.7 degrees Celsius connected April 2, 1965 - the all-time record, according to IMD data.

Minimum temperatures fell appreciably successful Punjab and Haryana, too. Chandigarh registered a minimum of 12.3 degrees Celsius, Hisar 10.4 degrees Celsius and Karnal 9.5 degrees Celsius.

The maximum somesthesia successful the superior is apt to summation to 38 degrees Celsius by Monday, the IMD said.

On Monday, Delhi reeled nether a "severe" heatwave, arsenic the maximum somesthesia changeable up to 40.1 degrees Celsius, making it the hottest time successful March successful 76 years.

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