Dehradun issues new COVID-19 restrictions, 200 people allowed at weddings

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DEHRADUN: Uttrakhand Chief Secretary Om Prakash connected Monday (April 12) issued caller guidelines amid a surge successful COVID-19 cases and instructed that lone 200 radical volition beryllium capable to be the wedding ceremony. Fresh instructions were issued arsenic the 2nd question of coronavirus has deed the country. 

On April 10, Om Prakash held a gathering with the officials of the authorities wellness section and territory magistrates (DM) to sermon the COVID-19 concern astatine the Secretariat. He said since COVID-19 cases are expanding each implicit the country, the authorities volition person to beryllium proactive successful preventing dispersed of the microorganism and instructed each the District Magistrates to beryllium thoroughly prepared to header up with the situation, according to ANI report.

The Chief Secretary instructed the officials to ramp up investigating successful each the districts and guarantee 100 per cent investigating successful containment zones. He added that adherence to societal distancing and COVID due behaviour successful crowded areas including markets, hotels, restaurants should besides beryllium ensured.

He further said the astir effectual mode of controlling the emergence successful cases is spreading maximum nationalist awareness.He instructed the officials to marque radical alert of the 'Tika Utsav' that is commencing from today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said connected Thursday that the play betwixt April 11 to April 14 tin beryllium observed arsenic Tika (vaccination) Utsav` for COVID-19 vaccination.

The Chief Secretary besides directed them to tally an extended information, education, and connection (IEC) run connected the COVID-19 pandemic crossed the state, with the main absorption connected youth. 

State Tourism Secretary Pankaj Kumar Pandey said that Uttarkashi is doing precise good astatine the nationalist level successful the COVID-19 vaccination drive, adding that efforts should beryllium made to summation the inoculation process. 

He emphasised connected much investigating and tracing to combat COVID-19.State Secretary Ranjit Kumar Sinha; Director-General, Medical Health, and Family Welfare, Trupti Bahuguna; Additional Secretary Vinod Kumar Suman; Director-General, Information, Ranveer Singh Chauhan and each the District Magistrates were contiguous astatine the gathering via video conferencing.

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Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry said that India reported 1,45,384 caller cases connected Saturday.The state reported 794 deaths and 77,567 recoveries yesterday, the ministry had said.

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